QOTSA Reveal Album Title and Samples

"...Like Clockwork" will be available in June. Listen to early samples of the record here.

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Queens Of The Stone Age have revealed that their new album will be titled "...Like Clockwork".

It will be released in June according to Antiquiet, but you can hear brief samples of the album if you visit the QOTSA website, click the icon, and hit refresh.

Their new album is currently one of the most eagerly anticipated in rock. Frontman Josh Homme first said they would be recording and released the album in late 2011, but a host of difficulties including legal trouble with his former band Kyuss held up the process. The album titled appears to be an ironic nod to the delay since released their last LP "Era Vulgaris" in 2006.

"The songs [on this record] are a real time document of the manic ups and downs of the last year," said Homme in the most recent of a series of cryptic letters about the new album. "It can't always run like clockwork. So rather than control the direction of the recordings, we decided to ride shotgun on our emotional bandwagon. We embraced our evil, held the horrible, licked the lunacy and blew the beautiful. As a result, we're on cloud 9."

Dave Grohl, Trent Reznor, Nick Oliveri, Mark Lanegan, Jake Shears and even Elton John are among the all-star roster of musicians who appear on the new QOTSA record.

What do you think of the surreal new album samples? Has anyone figured out what the hidden message from the cryptic letters that were released? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    I just got a raging clue...
    Sounds exactly like a chicken finding a spot to shit on. What do you think?
    I dunno if you're joking or not, but yeah, it kinda does. But I dig it.
    A funky chicken, with big heavy brass balls, and a heavy bass drum foot, and a digitech whammy...
    This is a good year for new music.
    Yes, I mean Tool, AiC and QOTSA in the same year? If I was't athiest, I would be using this as evidence of God.
    I called the album title in every single article running (...like clockwork) up to this. I'm gonna make myself a medal now. Out of spaghetti. Speaking of clockwork, I just went from six to midnight.
    Can you guys make a "clockwork" that makes time go faster? Right now, I'm not sure if I can hold until June.
    Wow, I really don't hope Underoath will file a lawsuit for that cover... looking forward to hear the album, though.
    Gee, that symbol with slash instead of backslash (or other way, I can't remember which is which) is a mathematical symbol for empty set, not an invention of some obscure band and QUOTSA.
    i thought the same thing, first thing that came to mind when i saw it was underoath's last album cover
    Underoaths Cover looks like the latin letter , whereas QOTSA's cover looks like a slashed O. IMO there's a big difference.
    I too noticed the similarities, however, upon a quick google search the Underoath line goes bottom left to top right and the QOTSA line goes top left to bottom right. I think we're good to go fellas!!
    Trent Reznor, Josh Homme and Dave Grohl has to go to be one of the greatest combinations in rock history
    Really hope the rumor about Jon Theodore (The Mars Volta, One Day as a Lion) being the new drummer is true. Listen to this clip and then imagine him behind the kit playing Song for the Dead.
    I already order the tshirt they were offering, Can't be more excited for this album.
    Amazing that this even gets 3 dislikes.... must be Myles Kennedy fans.
    If you go to their website and examine the source code there are four comments reading "Vampyre friends is sailing". what the hell does that mean?
    Godverdomme wat vet! 2013 will be a very good year for music. First we had the new Riverside and Steven Wilson album, then we had the new EP and reissue of The Pineapple Thief, then there was Sound City Real to Reel and now there is ...Like Clockwork. What is next to come out this year...