QOTSA Reveal New Single and Album Cover

Rockers premiere "My God is the Sun" and give all the album details including cover artwork, release date and tracklist.

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Queens of the Stone Age have officially confirmed June 4 as the release date of their new album "Like Clockwork" via Matador Records. The latest announcement also saw the band revealing the cover artwork and a full tracklist, but that's not all, as the first single "My God Is The Sun" also had its premiere on BBC Radio 1 and is now available for streaming.

The single was previously performed live at the Lollapalooza Brazil festival and now features the drumming of Dave Grohl on the studio version. Pre-orders are available via iTunes and include an instant download of the latest track.

As a follow up to 2007's "Era Vulgaris," "Like Clockwork" was recorded at the Pink Duck Studios in California with frontman Joshua Homme at the helm of production. Some of the special guest appearances include Sir Elton John, Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, Mars Volta's Jon Theorore, Mark Lanegan and Arctic Monkeys singer Alex Turner.

Described by Homme as "an audio documentary of a manic year," the new record is ranked among the most highly anticipated releases of 2013. In the related QOTSA news, the band has recently teamed up with Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder during a performance at Lollapalooza Chile festival and is preparing to embark on an "epic world tour." You can check out the new single, album cover, as well as the tracklist below.

"...Like Clockwork" tracklist:

01. Keep Your Eyes Peeled 02. I Sat By The Ocean 03. The Vampyre Of Time And Memory 04. If I Had A Tail 05. My God Is The Sun 06. Kalopsia 07. Fairweather Friends 08. Smooth Sailing 09. I Appear Missing 10. Like Clockwork

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    I'm getting a huge songs for the deaf vibe from that cover...
    Exactly what I was thinking! It's like, the heaviness of Songs for the Deaf mixed with erie chillness of Era Vulgaris, and slightly robotic sounds of their self-titled.
    I'm definitely getting a Them Crooked Vultures feel here. Not that that's a bad thing... I was just really hoping for a SFTD feel. When the news came out about Oliveri and Grohl I was getting this crazy nostalgia rush. Still - Can't wait
    For some reason I think this album is going to let a lot of people down.... Too many outside guests is sometimes a bad thing. Hope I'm wrong. I love queens!
    I think this album will most definitely will let a lot of people down, purely because of the unrealistic expectations we have for it. Its like when I first heard this song. Listened to it probably a dozen times, and its just..... good.... but definitely not great. What the hell was I expecting though?
    Oh, I think guests like those are gonna make it real great record. Keep in mind Josh and Dave's previous work with Trent Reznor and imagine how great contribution can Elton John give. Shears is doubtful, but he is a very good vocalist, so he can handle vocals or backs well. And Turner is pretty good guitarist and vocalist, so it's the same. And, at last, the old team reunion - QOTSA feat. Lanegan and Oliveri. It will be amazing.
    But I extremely don't like the cover though. I think black background with this white Q smashed by blue splash would work better.
    I'm betting special editions and foreign releases have different colors, kinda like the Rated R re-release went from blue to bright red. Or maybe Homme just likes red a lot.
    I would like the deluxe edition (if there will be one) to have that solid black cover with that Q
    The cover art is...okay. Personally I thought it would have something to do with clocks, the artwork on some of the encrypted notes they sent out were pretty cool.
    The girl looks like Brody Dalle to me. And the O or Q thing did not fit. Could also be a symbol for a broken vagina, but what should that mean?! I guess the waiting drives me insane...slowly....
    If they got rid of the text at the top and moved the picture up a bit to make up for the newly empty space, it'd be better, but it's good anyway.
    Like it. Definitely got a better feel for this versus the live recording
    Definitely. I liked the live video but it didn't blow me away. I have now listened to this recording like 10+ times and I'm in love with it.
    I think that cover is tremendous, their best by far! I don't see the connection to the title, but it looks truly iconic!
    Seriously happy Josh gave us one of the more.... "chill" songs from this album as a single. Knowing this is just something to hold us over till the actual album hits gives me great hope!
    Good, as it was live. And I'm kinda interested which song features Trent Reznor, or Jake Shears, or Turner, or Elton John. It would be a complete WOW if all these guys contributed the whole record.
    I'm predicting "I Appear Missing" will feature Reznor, and Elton John doing "If I Had A Tail".
    I'm not going to lie. I was not completely digging the live version. After hearing the studio version, I'm blown away. This was some good sh*t and now I'm real excited for the new album!!!
    Cool, sounds like they've been tweaking their sound a little bit the guitars sound a little less fuzzy than on previous albums. Hope they make the album cover into a poster, pretty cool logo.
    This just may be my favorite material from them. Cant wait to blast the full album when it comes out in the summer. Perfect timing I can just imagine driving by someone with this on
    Here's what I'm thinking: Reznor will probably just have some backing vocals with his usual electronics mixed in on a song or two. Elton John will probably just provide piano and some backing on one. Same sort of thing with the rest, except that Mark and Nick. I'm expecting Nick to scream leads on one, and Mark with leads on another. Other than that I don't expect anyone else to have leads besides Homme because that would totally just mess up the vibe. Especially with only 10 tracks. Plus I just love Homme's voice. Just my opinion though.
    There were so many disappointed fans on Youtube.. what the hell is wrong with people?! that's a quality song
    Who do you guys think is drumming on this one? My gut says Grohl, but it really could be anyone. Though the more I listen, the more I think "grohl"
    It's Dave.
    Yea, you've gotta be right about that one, with each listen it's more and more obvious.
    Yup, it's Grohl. Check their twitter, they posted who played what.
    Yeah. I heard Dave plays every track though. But now they're saying Jon Theodore is on the album soooo I'm not sure what to expect from the other tracks.
    I think that's just mislabeled. Theodore is playing in the band now but they never mentioned him being on the album until now.
    Yeah, you're probably right. I wanna hear one last song with Joey though, too. We'll miss him. lol
    10 tracks? This could be their shortest album ever.
    as long as you don't know the runtime of the record you can NOT tell it's a short record because of only ten songs...5 pink floyd songs are about as long as 20 ramones songs...you get the idea?
    I'm really digging it so far, the album cover isn't as good as I expected but I think it'll grow on me, like era vulgaris did, doesn't fit with "...like clockwerk" vibe but it certainly looks original. The song itself is great,I love the riff, it's so simple and fun and when Dave comes in, its like smashing your head open with a golden brick.
    WHo is on the drums on this song? very interesting
    Dave!! I'm sooo pumped to hear his drumming on this album. The real question is... Will it surpass his drumming on Songs for the Deaf??
    The album artwork would have been awesome without that metalcorish Q being shattered. As for the single, it's amazing, but I already expected that.
    Only 10 tracks?
    I see that as a plus. Almost every time I see a new album come out with 15-16 songs, I roll my eyes because you end up with a bunch of filler. I'd rather have 10 perfected cuts than 15, many of which are so-so....
    They will probably be 10 EPIC, long-running tracks. Many of the TCV songs had enough different riffs and hooks for 3 or 4 tracks combined, let alone just 1. For that reason Josh said they called those songs "battleships". They may have chosen My God is the Sun as the first single for the reason that its only about 3 minutes, and the 9 other tracks will be some big f***in Battleships.
    I felt the same way about the "only 10 tracks" and I'm hoping they catch us off guard with a hidden 11th song at the end. Holey Dime perhaps?
    I've never been a huge fan of this band but this song is actually pretty good. I'm digging it.
    im really liking this song. kind of an older vibe from it too. this is what a mix of what the old and new from a band is supposed to sound like