QOTSA Reveal Opening Song From 'Like Clockwork'

"Keep Your Eyes Peeled" is a dark crawl through guitar chugs and Josh Homme's trademark melodic singing.

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"Keep Your Eyes Peeled" is a dark crawl through guitar chugs and Josh Homme's trademark melodic singing, and you can hear it in the player below. It will appear on their new album "... Like Clockwork" which will be available worldwide in early June.

It is the third song to be revealed live, after two songs were revealed during another Belgian studio session last week when they premiered "If I Had a Tail" and "I Sat by the Ocean."

Only two songs direct from the album have been revealed, starting with "My God is the Sun" and more recently "I Appear Missing" which features Dave Grohl on drums and is accompanied by a spooky animated video.

Listen to the live version of "Keep Your Eyes Peeled" by Queens of the Stone Age in the player below.

What do you think of the opening track? Are the songs revealed so far living up to your expectations? Let us know what you think in the comments.

"... Like Clockwork" track listing:

01. Keep Your Eyes Peeled 02. I Sat by the Ocean 03. The Vampyre of Time and Memory 04. If I Had a Tail 05. My God Is the Sun 06. Kalopsia 07. Fairweather Friends 08. Smooth Sailing 09. I Appear Missing 10. ... Like Clockwork

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    That opening riff sounds similar to something Jerry Cantrell might write. I dig it.
    Huhm, when I get the two albumsm I think I might play Devil Put Dinosaurs Here first just so it fits. ^_^
    At first I didn't understand what all the hype around their new album was, because I never thought them to be this popular. I listened to a few songs out of curiosity and I actually found myself listening to some of their previous albums again.
    i will keep my eyes peeled. so far this is shaping up to be one hell of a release!
    So far, this the BEST song yet!! It sounds a bit like Kyuss and the Debut album. But still insanely fresh!
    Now that we've heard 5 of the 10 tracks, what by far impresses me the most is just how incredibly diverse and musically rich all 5 of these really songs are. There will be not a second of filler on this album!!!!
    I was at the live preformance in Belgium. I can assure you, it's all even better live!
    I found this picture today, it is from the 1931 Dracula movie. I think it was the inspiration for the cover art: Found this today, looks like the cover, it's from the original 1931 Dracula movie:
    Dave's drumming? That's what I'm thinking. His usual hi hat work with those snare rudiments. Always keeping it fresh though.