QOTSA Stream 'Kalopsia' Feat. Trent Reznor

Watch the nightmare-causing video for the third studio recording from "... Like Clockwork."

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Queens of the Stone Age aren't pausing for breath with their relentless promotional schedule for their forthcoming album, with yet another new song from their new album being posted today. And yes, it's just a snippet.

"Kalopsia" features Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor on synths and vocals. He's one of the many top-tier collaborators to be found on the record, which include Dave Grohl, Elton John and Scissor Sisters' Jake Shears.

It's accompanied by a video of a murderous clown who consumes people with a glance, which you can see in the player below

The song was given a name by Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner who also features on the record. Josh Homme explains:

"I called him one day a few years ago, when I was first starting to think about the possibility of getting to make a record, and said 'hey man, give me a good line.' He hit be back and he was like 'kalopsia,' and I said 'kalopsia, what the hell's that?' and he said 'it's a condition where everything seems more beautiful than it actually is.'"

Listen to "Kalopsia" by Queens of the Stone Age featuring Trent Reznor here:

YouTube preview picture

What do you think of the shorter track? Let us know what you think of this song and how the rest of the record is shaping up in the comments.

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    I'm diggin' this whole story with the music videos
    Is it just me or when the vocals starts it sounds similar to 'Porcelain' by RHCP?
    It's definitely not just you. I don't have any sort of bias toward one song or the other, and I can hear the similarity completely.
    That was too short. I was just getting into it...
    That's what she said.
    She got into it? You sure it's a she? ANyway, OT: I really like the sound, was excited about this song. Now I really can't wait to get this album!
    I really want to hear the full song! Gosh, it's motherf--king awesome!
    I think that was it wasn't it? Just a small intro opener?
    "Joshua"? Like "Joshua Homme"? Lol, now he's putting people up to spamming the article comments. What a troll.
    Releases new song with badass musician, that will be in an apparently badass record. >Snippet Scumbag Josh.
    Fuck you QotSA, **** you and your awesomeness for teasing me so much! QotSA, where blue balling an entire genre of music fans is a thing!
    Just also as a note for people who don't know, there is the audio to a live version of "Keep Your Eyes Peeled" on youtube now...
    I love how the video continues from I Appear Missing. It's even creepier than that one, too. I felt sorta bad for the dude with the mask, though.
    I love the concept of "kalopsia" but I think this song is the least interesting of the ones they've released so far. But then again, that's probably what they meant to do given the theme of the song. Homme ****ing knows what he's doing!
    I didnt like if I had a tail and that other track I heard the other day. But My god is the sun and the other two (this one) I really enjoyed. Three out of two anit bad, just hope the rest of the album weren't as bland as if I had a tail.
    Sick of seeing these has-beens on front page
    >long awaited album, making the press and 8 out of 10 rock fans very anxious about it >has-beens You should probably get that checked, mate.
    Hmm, for a second the piano in the background really reminded me of Falling from Twin Peaks
    QOTSA should put all their idea's and concepts for these video's into a full blown motion picture. I would buy and watch the hell out of that! These video clips (and tunes!) are wicked! Can't wait to I can put the CD in and listen to it in it's entirety.
    Sounds quite a bit like 'Strange Religion' by Mark Lanegan. Cool song though.