QOTSA Stream 'Kalopsia' Feat. Trent Reznor

artist: Queens of the Stone Age date: 05/14/2013 category: new releases
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QOTSA Stream 'Kalopsia' Feat. Trent Reznor
Queens of the Stone Age aren't pausing for breath with their relentless promotional schedule for their forthcoming album, with yet another new song from their new album being posted today. And yes, it's just a snippet. "Kalopsia" features Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor on synths and vocals. He's one of the many top-tier collaborators to be found on the record, which include Dave Grohl, Elton John and Scissor Sisters' Jake Shears. It's accompanied by a video of a murderous clown who consumes people with a glance, which you can see in the player below The song was given a name by Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner who also features on the record. Josh Homme explains: "I called him one day a few years ago, when I was first starting to think about the possibility of getting to make a record, and said 'hey man, give me a good line.' He hit be back and he was like 'kalopsia,' and I said 'kalopsia, what the hell's that?' and he said 'it's a condition where everything seems more beautiful than it actually is.'" Listen to "Kalopsia" by Queens of the Stone Age featuring Trent Reznor here:
What do you think of the shorter track? Let us know what you think of this song and how the rest of the record is shaping up in the comments.
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