QOTSA to Premiere Single Tonight

After years of anticipation, the first official studio recording from 'Like Clockwork' will be revealed tonight. But where, and how can you hear it live?

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Queens of the Stone Age will reveal their first studio single from forthcoming album "Like Clockwork" tonight.

BBC Radio 1 will broadcast the single "My God is the Sun" alongside an exclusive interview with band leader Josh Homme, according to radio host Zane Lowe via his Twitter account. You can tap into the live radio stream via the BBC Radio 1 website, though the song will undoubtedly be ripped to YouTube straight after.

The song had previously been performed at Lollapalooza Brazil, where the band played it live as their only preview from the new album.

Anticipation for new material from Queens of the Stone Age is high, and not just because fans have been waiting since 2011 when it was first announced. There's a big lineup of high-profile guest artists including Trent Reznor, Dave Grohl, Scissor Sisters singer Jake Shears, Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner and even piano legend Sir Elton John.

And those are just the guest artists. The official lineup now includes former Mars Volta super-drummer Jon Theodore, who appears in the live performance below.

Just think - by this time tomorrow, you could finally be listening to a brand new studio recording from Queens of the Stone Age. Let's hope it lives up to expectations.

This Monday Night April 8th. QOTSA 'My God Is The Sun' Premier and full interview with Josh. 7pm UK. BBC Radio 1.

Zane Lowe (@zanelowe) April 4, 2013

Watch Queens of the Stone Age perform "My God is the Sun" at Lollapalooza Brazil here:

YouTube preview picture

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    It's out right now!!
    The album version is epic! I'll admit to being a bit skeptical when I heard the live performance, but after hearing the studio quality recording, I'm ready to go with the flow and hear the rest.
    Hell. Yes.
    My God Is The Sun Dean -Gtr Dave -Drums Josh-Vox, Gtr, Lead Gtr, Mike-Vox, Bass Triz -Vox, 12-String, Moog
    i am going to have to spend the rest of the day getting my ears ready for repeated penetration by this song.
    I'm worried it doesn't live up to expectations... This album is kind of like naming your son Jesus. It has to rock the mother****ing world, else we'll all be disappointed.
    It's natural to worry that an album won't live up to expectations... ...except when it's a QotSA album.
    I can't wait, but their's so much hype around the album that I feel like I will be somewhat disappointed with this, even though I'm sure it's gonna be great like everything else this bands put out
    I think everyone just needs to remember that this is only the single; QOTSA's coolest songs are rarely their singles. You can't judge the whole album by this song.
    The song is an absolute belter, such a tragedy that Radio 1 is atrocious.
    damn zane lowe, hes gonna make me listen to a bunch of shit before he plays it
    For those who don't know, the broadcast starts at 7 pm. BBC's website lists it duration to be two hours! Can't wait.
    Can't let hype affect your expectations, because you can only be let down. Queens got into the studio to record some songs they felt good about. You're either going to like it or you don't, but anything else is besides all of that.