QOTSA to Stream '...Like Clockwork' in Full

Get ready to hear the most anticipated album of 2013.

Ultimate Guitar

Queens of the Stone Age will be streaming the entire "...Like Clockwork" album via iTunes on May 28.

The most anticipated album of 2013 has been leaked a few weeks ago, but now you have the official opportunity to hear the sixth QOTSA album prior to its release on June 3.

The album features a bunch of guest appearances, including likes of Dave Grohl, Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, Scissor Sisters' Jake Shears, ex-QOTSA's Mark Lanegan, Nick Oliveri and Joey Castillo, ex-Mars Volta Jon Theodore, Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner, Brody Dalle, Alain Johannes and Sir Elton John.

Dear world, starting tomorrow you can stream ALL of ...Like Clockwork @itunesmusic Get on in there. iTunes.com/QOTSA

QOTSA (@qotsa) May 27, 2013

The band has recently played 9 of 10 newest songs live during their performance at the Wiltern Theater in LA.

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    matteo cubano
    I.HAVE.BEEN.WAITING.TO.SEE.THIS.HEADLINE.FOR.SO.LONG. I feel like I'm finally about to get laid after making out and getting handjobs with the same girl for months. all those little teases they've doing with live tracks and short clips of songs have left me with musical blue balls.
    Props to all of the people who were able to not listen to the leak. I myself couldn't handle the anticipation, so I downloaded the lead (since I already preordered the deluxe edition vinyl), and everyone who listens is in for an amazing treat.
    Still haven't listened to the leak or the stream. I have been listening to the live concert at the Wiltern though.
    So stoked. Favorite album of 2013 for me... I just got into QOTSA and all albums are like favourites to me now... Oh god, all the awesomeness I've been missing my whole life :I
    I sat by the ocean, imo, is the best song from that album.
    Like Clockwork is the best rock album of this year. The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here is the best metal album of his year.
    I've been trying to retain myself from listening stuff from this new album and promising myself I'll only hear it when it's officialy released. Every single day that passes is like a smoker trying not to smoke that precious leftover cigarette.
    I've only heard I sat by the ocean in full and seen the incomplete songs on the videos they released which were ****ing awesome.