QOTSA Unleash Gloomy New Video Single 'I Appear Missing'

Rockers premiere new track off "...Like Clockwork" with a ghastly clip.

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Queens of the Stone Age are keeping the creepy factor way up with the release of their latest video single "I Appear Missing."

As a part of their upcoming release "...Like Clockwork," the single sees the band experimenting with both the sonic and visual aspects, ultimately delivering a gloomy, somewhat of a desolate vibe, still managing to keep the groove engaging and even hypnotizing at moments. It also revealed that the song features Dave Grohl on the drums.

Starting off with a bandaged man waking up while being plucked by a raven, the clip follows the unfortunate individual until he meets his doom during the song's finale. Although it feels like a compact piece, the song was supposedly not released in its full length, as it should actually double the current length of 3 minutes, Billboard reports.

"...Like Clockwork" is set for a June 4 release via Matador Records as the group's sixth studio effort in total. Prior to debuting the "I Appear Missing" clip, the band has kicked off an eerie Likeclockwork.tv website, offering fans creepy phone calls as a part of the new album promotion.

The previous single, "My God is the Sun," was streamed in full last month after an exclusive live concert premiere at this year's Lollapalooza Brazil festival.

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    This song is COMPLETELY AWESOME!
    I'm not really a fan of QOTSA, saw them live and they put on a good show. I had to see the video due to the 'ghastly' description and it totally has a Kill Bill/Borderlands thing going on.
    I had mixed thoughts on My God is the Sun but this... wow, nothing's going to stop me buying that album.
    Brb preordering Deluxe Edition double LP
    Done months ago. "My God Is the Sun" was released and I got mad because if was going to be another disappointing album. Waste of money. Then this one got released....and, I dont know what Im doing here.
    Same thoughts here. The double length version of this track will be killer, and I have a feeling My God is the Sun will come off much better in context within the track sequencing of this album. It seems a little out of place as a pure single.
    I've been listening to Queens since I was about 11 or 12. I turn 18 in 15 days. I've been waiting for this album for a good third of my life so far, and I couldn't be more excited to have a listen to this. Long love Josh Homme and QOTSA.
    Aha! Awesome! I'm in a similar situation with Tool (as I'm sure a lot of others are, but I digress). And as for these guys, I was never really introduced to them but I have to agree this is an awesome sounding piece of music here.
    "It also revealed that the song features Dave Grohl on the drums." Whaat??? Isn't he playing drums on the entire record ???
    Theodore and Castillo also play on the record.
    Wrong, there was no Castillo, just Grohl/Theodore
    No.. You are wrong. It has been credited that Castillo, Grohl and Theodore have all contributed to the album.
    Do you mean 3 minutes of the song appear missing? at 01 : 05 Is that the car from the Go with the Flow video? Before knowing the song would be six minutes long, I couldn't help but thinking that the song missed an awesome climatic solo, and it appears that the full song will feature it. I love how this song and the graphic aspect of the new record has this gloomy yet somewhat melancholic mood, this is definitely not a bad mix at all! Damn, I can't wait!!
    That's not the same car, but the video features a sheet of paper with watch-headed man from the press-release pic (21 s.)
    Sorry for the double post, UG gave me a "gateway error" but apparently posted it anyway. -_-
    Meh. The video is better than the song. The song sounds like a big wash.
    wut? I could imagine myself riding a camel through the ****ing deserts...only QOTSA make me imagine this sort of stuff.
    I agree. I didn't think it was anything special. Not bad, but nothing too exciting.
    i really do miss the riff rock of the older qotsa albums but thi is ok, sounds more like Tcv
    I like this song, but I also hope they have a few riff heavy, more straight-ahead rock numbers on the album as well. There is a reason QOTSA is often on my iPod when I'm running...
    Idk if I imagined it, but I swear I saw this on a commercial for the album on [adult swim] the other night
    I literally heard this song like the 20th time already. Its pretty awesome! Excited to see what the album is going to be!