Queen Announce eBook

40 Years of Queen is unveiled.

Ultimate Guitar

Brian May has revealed details of the new 40 Years of Queen eBook, which according to the guitarist "does an incredible job of telling the life that Queen led. This is the best book ever".

The book is made up of items from May's personal archives:

"I was the guy that tried to hold onto these moments as they passed. If we played Madison Square Garden, I'd keep a ticket. I also kept hold of clothes and posters, an amazing cornucopia of artifacts. Instead of leaving them to gather dust in some air conditioned storage room, I wanted people to see these things and be able to play with them."

40 Years of Queen is an interactive volume that allows users to listen to the band's music and purchase songs from iTunes:

"It takes you as deeply into the Queen legacy as you can get. Touch an album and a replica of the vinyl comes out of the page. You can see the track listing. Our first album, for instance, now has all of our original demos. This version of the book leads you directly to all of those different extras; it's as state-of-the-art as you can get."

May also revealed that new content and extra features will be added to the book as times goes on:

"We will be updating the content as we go along. It already has a Live section which is already extremely good, but over the coming months we will be adding material from Live At The Rainbow which can be fed into this product... you'll be able to see it and click on it as an update. The fact that it can continue to evolve is what makes it so exciting."

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