Queen Drummer To Release Solo Album

Queen drummer Roger Taylor plans to release brand new solo material in 2013.

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Queen drummer Roger Taylor plans to release brand new solo material in 2013 and he wants to involve the public in the choices of which tracks make it onto the album. A song will be made available each week leading up to the CD release and the fans will need to vote and decide what they would like to see appear on the album alongside some of Roger's favorite cuts.

According to Blabbermouth, over the past year, Roger has been focused on the Queen Extravaganza, an official touring Queen tribute band which Roger conceived and created finding his singers and musicians through online auditions. The Queen Extravaganza made its first - and highly successful - tour of 25 Canada and U.S. cities during May, June and July and will return to play further touring dates in early 2013.

Of his newly created Queen Extravaganza band, Taylor says, "What an amazing storehouse of talent we have unlocked. The standard is mind-blowingly high. It's really a thrill getting to discover them."

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    Sounds cool, R.T. has some great solo stuff, and a very unique voice. Not to mention his legendary falsetto. Now if only we could get Dr. May to release some of his stuff...
    I'm SO ready for this! "Electric Fire" seems like it was a lifetime ago...
    Hopefully this will finally leave Queen to rest and let their catalogue of work speak for itself. We can but dream!
    Good for him. Always liked him. One of the good guys in the music world.
    Judging by how advanced the druming was in We We Rock You and Another One Bites the Dust, among many others that I can think of, I'm not expecting much.
    Yes because those 2 songs are representative of all of Queen's work...