Queen Planning New Album With Freddie Mercury

Band reveal discovery of more unheard demo tracks, and plans to turn them into new record.

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Queen are considering the release of a new album using unheard demo material from their iconic frontman, Freddie Mercury, Gigwise reports.

It was recently revealed that Freddie Mercury duets with Michael Jackson were set for a future release, but now former bandmate Brian May has confirmed plans to complete unfinished tracks from the band's sessions for 1995 album, "Made In Heaven."

"We thought we'd exhausted everything that was around and could be worked on, but since then a number of things have come to light from various sources that we'd just plain forgotten about, including the stuff with Freddie and Michael Jackson," said May in an interview with iHeart Radio. "Just a couple of weeks ago, we thought: Maybe we shouldn't be just working on bits and pieces? Maybe we should be heading towards an album? It just might be."

May previously confirmed the release of three duets recorded by Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson in 1983 are set for 2013 release, 30 years after they were initially recorded. The tracks were recorded in 1983, between the release of albums "Hot Space" (1982) and "The Works" (1984).

Brian May also told the Times newspaper that these were the only tracks recorded by the duo, as more studio time could not be secured. The duo were reported at the time to have recorded tracks named "State of Shock," "Victory" and "There Must Be More to Life Than This." May claims that there will be "something for folks to hear" in two months time.

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    Susan Boyle to Record Duet With Elvis, Queen Planning New Album With Freddie Mercury. what year does UG think it is?
    Posthumous material usually sucks. I would just leave it alone.
    Made in heaven was pretty good, but i'm a bit worried about this, before they had loads of good material to work with and now they are just scraping together bits and pieces... not a good sign
    tell that to Tupac and Hendrix
    I can't comment on Tupac, but Hendrix's was fully recorded for the msot part, Queen wants to finish tracks that haven't been completed.
    and thats a problem? if the vocals are down then whats the beef? The rest of the band are still Queen!
    Jacques Nel
    But it's not said that vocals are down. They said demos. That could be Freddy on a tape recorder in a car somewhere for all we know.
    Made in Heaven was Mercury's vocals over demos, he knew he didn't have long so recorded as much as he could, then when he died the rest of the band cracked on with completing the songs. So the likelyhood is this is a continuation of that, as going on what May's said there are more vocals from the sessions than they thought. It may not be their best stuff but as a fan I'd love to hear new stuff including Mercury rather than the crap with Paul Rodgers and Adam Lambert.
    It may only be demos, but if I can hear some new material from one of the greatest frontmen/singers in rock history...let's do it.
    Ya know, I would be more interested to hear the material just as he left it. Not worked over with no input at all from Mercury, but exactly as it was when he stopped working on it.
    They wouldn't be able to do the whole "50 tracks of operatic background vocals" thing, though, which is unfortunate.
    Dead musicians make so much more money than live musicians
    Of course! If they are great, their music will sound forever. That's what every musician searchs for, and mister Mercury did a great job
    I feel like I hear the same thing at least once a year. Either do it or shut up, guys.
    Made in Heaven II? Well, it'd be great to hear new songs, but for God's sake, do not release it as an official new Queen LP.
    On the subject of Mercury and MJ doing duets - did anyone see the interview where Freddie talks about this? It's hillarious. In essence, Mercury appearently got tired of being around Michael's circus animals all the time. I think it's in some documentary about the life of Freddie. Hillarious.
    "Queen Planning New Album With Freddie Mercury" "Susan Boyle to Record Duet With Elvis?" Have I missed a recent scientific breakthrough?
    Honestly? I'm not too interested in this. I think people need to stop milking Queen for money. Also, what does Brian May do these days? I don't hear much about him music wise, which is a shame, 'cause I'd love to hear some new material from him!
    At the moment Brian May is saving all the badgers over here in the UK
    Thats awesome! I love music, but our environment and the species that inhabit it are FAR more important
    Reminds me of what the Beatles did with "Free As A Bird" and "Real Love." Both were demos but came out beautifully. They're some of my favorite songs too. I have high hopes for this
    But then again, the remaining trio were probably not as excited when it came to milking the money maker as Roger and Brian from Queen seems to be (still). The remaining members of the Beatles were/are pretty careful and seem to mind the legacy and not becoming the new Smokie.
    STOP WITH THE MISLEADING F#@$&^G TITLES. We know what you meant, because Freddie obviously shuffled off the mortal coil a couple of decades ago, but for the love of all things holy, learn to title the damn articles.
    I've heard a few unreleased demos on youtube before they took them down. Hangman, Silver Salmon, Robbery. They sounded great. I hope they work on these tracks.
    I'd love to hear Freddie again but I won't be too excited unless John Deacon comes back. It's a long shot but just for one album I'd love to hear him play again, even if he doesn't tour with it.
    I agree. His bass playing wasn't all that unique, but it would still seem odd w/o him on the recordings. He's pretty much confirmed he'll never tour under "Queen" again, but yeah, at least an album would suffice. btw, Made in Heaven is one of Queen's best albums (anyone who disagrees is a pleb). Those last five pretty much encapsulated all of Mercury's creative energy before he died.
    Thrice Capades
    Censored for being excited about "new" Freddie Mercury... Well, at the risk of being censored again...I'm excited about the possibility of new Freddie Mercury.