Queensryche Release First New Single With Todd La Torre

"Redemption" is available for streaming.

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After releasing a trailer for their new album back in November of last year, Queensryche with Todd La Torre have now unveiled their first single with the new singer. "Redemption" is available for streaming below. It is the first track from the band's new album, which is due for release in June - listen to it below.

Recently, original singer Geoff Tate, who was sacked from Queensryche last year, has had some harsh words to say about the current line-up of the band:

"Why in the world would any SANE people launch this whole shakeup and fire everybody who is your support system and everyone who's involved with you, cancel all your income for the year and cut your head off by firing the face and voice of your band. They have basically sliced their own throat and rubbed the name of the band in the dirt in this quest of theirs and have no sane reason why such madness was necessary. It doesn't make any sense."

But what do you think? Does "Redemption" sound like classic Queensryche to you? Or does the track make you wish that Geoff Tate never went away? Let us know in the comments.

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    kill it
    Not bad but pretty average. People expecting this band to release another Operation Mindcrime need to get over it that time has passed.
    I really have NO IDEA why people uphold Operation Mindcrime as great. It was terrible!
    Dr. Bacon
    I think Empire was the best and I don't really think they can outdo themselves on that...
    Face R1pper
    Well that didn't meet expectations after how highly the band has been speaking of it.
    I think this is really nice. Killer vocals. Just as long as he'd be able to pull them off live. The solo was alright but as a previous comment said. Pretty directionless.
    Chorus is a bit overproduced, but the song is interesting in a Promised Land-kindof way. He sounds a lot like Tate.
    Does anyone else hear a bit of autotune on the chorus? Something about the vocals seem a bit off.
    Dunno if its autotune/pitchshift. Might be some sort of filter, but it's ****ing annoying and spoils the song.
    Mehhhhh, sounds like Promised Land all over-a-fckin'-gain. I was hoping for some killer prog with washes of '80s-style delay and reverb like their self-titled EP, Warning, Rage For Order or Mindcrime. This just sounds like the same lazy, "modern" stuff they (meaning Queensryche with or without Tate) have been putting out for the past 20 years.
    Mindcrime was terrible... There was nothing proggy about it, except for all '80s fanboys thinking it was.
    Oh, one more thing: after that cool rendition of Queen Of The Reich last year, I was convinced La Torre was going to treat us to some high-pitched power metal-esque vox on the new album like '80s Queensryche. Damn, if the rest of the album sounds like this...
    I wish Tate would stop going on about how he's the voice, the face, the heart, the soul, the chram and the testes of Queensryche.
    Never been a Queensryche fan but I got to see them this past Friday at the Orlando House of Blues and the show was Killer. Todd was incredible!
    I like the verses musically and vocally. The chorus is weak and derivative and as already pointed out by others, the solo just...
    I have mixed feelings towards this. It's not bad. It's not great. I'm not really sure what my expectations were for this one. However, this is the Queensryche I still back, despite the tacky new font and skull logo. Seriously... Are they trying to look like a washed up 80's band with this art? Blue flames? Give me a break haha
    Average at best. The ex-singer, Geoff Tate, is quite possibly right on the money.
    It's an average song brought down slightly below average by that ridiculous overuse of vocal effects. Who thought that was a good idea? And the guitar solo is totally directionless and a complete letdown. Where's the Michael Wilton who did "Warning" or "Speak"? "Unafraid," at least? I don't hear him on this song. Whatever. I'll just wait for the single from Frequency Unknown. If nothing else, I know that Geoff Tate's vocals won't disappoint.
    We need a fall out boy single to save our ears
    Lol this wasn't very impressive but it's definitely not as shitty as the ****ing horseshit Geoff 'sryche had been turning out for a majority of their career now. Although, none of it was as bad as Tate's solo stuff.
    Seriously, Aaron? Nothing better to do but surf all the frequent music news sites to slag on a band because they fired your idol? And Geoff Tate's vocals have been disappointing for years. Enjoy Frequency Unknown. I know I wont.
    ... Have you heard the iTunes samples from Frequency Unknown? I had actually planned to buy Geoffs QR-album until I heard them. Poorly produced, the midi drums for the rerecordings are awful and Geoffs vocals for the re recorded versions are awful (off pitch at times, weak, definitely one take and Geoff didn't put any effort into it). I said it. I actually had positive expectations for "FU", but the samples erased all that. Hell, I liked Kings and Thieves so this isn't the usual anti Geoff bashing...
    Ridiculous overuse of vocal effects?? Listen to QR much? The vocals sound just effect-laden as a couple dozen other QR songs. It sounds like Queensryche but not not overly great. If this is the best they have, it will be a disappointment. That said, I like this better than anything I've heard from the last 4 albums.
    It's a bit of a grower this song, I've listened to it a few times now and I quite like it. I'm interested to see where the rest of the album goes.
    Sounds too much like every other metal band out there. I don't mind the song itself but the singing,.....yeah, just not Queensryche.
    Sounds too much like every other metal band out there. I don't mind the song itself but the singing,.....yeah, just not Queensryche.
    This is great. On par with the Rage For Order album (mind you though, still my least favorite of all "classic" QR albums)
    Rage for Order was phenomenal. This is not.
    Yes, RFO was phenomenal. All albums up to and counting Promised Land (Also like Tribe a lot). I think this is awesome as well.
    Sorry to do you the injustice Queenscryche but I expected more/better... Not saying it's bad but I have utter confidence that you guys can do much better. Keep rocking on though.
    Queensryche ceased to exist after Chris DeGarmo left the band. Geoff Tate can sing, but he can't write music like DeGarmo could. This new sans Geoff QR sucks... and after seeing Geoff Tate's QR, I'm convinced that they should all retire before they waste more money trying to put out more bad albums. EP, Warning, Rage for Order, Mind Crime, and Empires... then there is no Queensryche. I like to listen to those albums and pretend they all died happily in a bus accident. You'll be missed pre-2000's Queensryche, we will always remember you.
    Wow. Did the new guy somehow intravenously meltdown and inject himself with the entire back catalog? It's like a good cover band version of QR, but something isn't quite there. Need to hear something significantly better to drop coin on the album.
    Seems like the focus is on the battle between the two sides of QR, and that is what is keeping QR alive. Fans are hoping a glimpse of the old QR will resurface somehow, it won't. After Chris left, QR was on a downhill slide, except for "Tribe" which Chris came back for surprisingly enough. Chris is not present, and the music so far put out by both sides is evident of that. QR is dead and gone, stop trying to hold onto something that just isn't there. As someone stated before, QR is dead, let it go, start fresh with a new name, a new look, and a new sound. You're all too damn old to try and fix something that broke long ago! Now with that said, if Chris Degarmo does come back, then we can talk about fixing things, but until that happens, stop trying to go back to the way things were in all your newly created music, it's not going to happen and sadly so. I do hope Chris does come back, there would be a glimpse of hope right there if so. Maybe he will knowing Tate is out of the picture now, we'll see?
    Todd Karaoke! It's pretty pathetic that a man is getting props for trying to emulate a singer from 25-30 years ago. Show some originality Todd at least in the new music! While it may be true that Geoff Tate cannot hit the notes from 25-30 years ago, he can still sing. I saw him a few months back here in Columbus. The man invented that vocal style and performed those high notes for 2 decades, day in and day out. I'd like to hear all of you that are bitching hit those high notes, and then do it several nights a week for 20 years. Halford sounds like shit. Ray Alder can't do it any more. That type of vocal style takes a toll. Even Geddy Lee is horrible now. I saw Todd a few weeks back and was not impressed in the least with the QR stuff. Plus he was a total dick to us when we were talking to Michael Wilton. Go back to Crimson Glory Todd. At least you almost sounded like Midnight.
    "Todd Karaoke" lol I see it like this, if I hated one of my band members enough to have his ass kicked out of the band. Hiring a singer that sounds like he did would be the last thing on my mind. I would push to have a singer to NOT sound like him if at all anything.
    Todd La Torre was the right move after Geoff's fit in South America throwing his deva fit and lashing out at his band members. Geoff was losing his vocal attack as many can hear in his scabbed together "Queensryche Cover Band"! That's what it is as he can't really hit any of the notes anymore and it's a shame Halford is much older more grace and he can still hit the mark..."Shame on you Geoff"!
    I actually like this a lot. Like many others said, it does remind you of Promised Land, and also, the chorus is indeed weak and the solo is really pointless and lackluster, but a great song overall in my opinion, although i must admit I was expecting a bit more. I was hoping it would sound more reminiscent of the first five Queensryche records, but I also wasn't expecting them to make another Mindcrime, Empire, or Rage For Order again like so many others apparently think they should. That is just ridiculous to think they should do that, especially being thirty-one years into their career and long past their prime.
    I don't really like this too much, but at least it's better than what Geoff is doing. Operation Mindcrime was amazing and I really enjoyed parts of Empire. After that I just think they've lost their spark.
    Don't know which is worse-the band I used to love becoming who they are now, or knowing the air force mixers and puppet show openers they'll play until it's finally obvious to all of them it was over long ago
    Sad to say it, but Ryche was pretty much dead when DeGarmo left, this whole affair is just a nail in the coffin. Too bad.
    Agreed. Band hasn't been the same since DeGarmo. He was the true vision of the band, not Tate. It is too bad though. I have seen them several times over the last decade, and they just haven't grown since Empire.