Queensryche Singer: 'Our New Songs Are Heavier Than Anything!'

New Queensryche singer Todd La Torre that the band's new songs are refreshing, not dated, and heavier than anything put out in years.

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New Queensryche singer Todd La Torre has revealed that he is currently laying down vocals on demo versions of some of the band's new material. According to Blabbermouth.net he says, "[I am] loving the new songs. [They are] refreshing, not dated, and heavier than anything put out in years! Oh yeah!"

La Torre, who says that Queensryche has been his favorite band since he was 15 years old, first met Queensryche guitarist Michael Wilton at this year's NAMM convention in January in Anaheim, California.

In a June radio interview, La Torre stated about Queensryche's plans to record new original music, "Obviously, we wanna try and write something that's heavy, but also has a common thread of what is Queensryche's sound - very melodic guitar parts. Vocally, I'm in a very unique position because a lot of people like to throw around, 'Oh, he's a clone, he's an imitator, he's this, he's that.' And I feel like I'm damned if I do and I'm damned if I don't.

"My style of singing and phrasing is very similar to Geoff Tate and Bruce Dickinson and Rob Halford. I mean, a lot of my high metal screams are grittier and dirtier, like Rob Halford. My vibrato is more similar to Bruce Dickinson or Geoff Tate. A lot of the crying and ways of entering a vocal phrase and phonating, the way I say words, are very similar to Geoff Tate.

"It's kind of frustrating for me when people say, 'Oh, he's come in and just tries to copy [Geoff]. 'Well, if I sing [the songs] so close to the original [versions]... Obviously, I want to represent the songs in [their] truest form that I can do. I think, live, I still kind of end up phrasing things a little different and will do things kind of my way, but I try to stay as true as I can. So if I do that, people are like, 'Oh, he's a clone, he's a copycat, and it's never the same without Geoff Tate,' which I do respect. On the other hand, if I'm so different, then they're gonna say, 'It's nothing like Geoff Tate. It's nothing like Queensryche sound. This isn't Queensryche. It's not even close to the same style. '... So if the fans wanna hear the hardcore, classic heavy high-screaming stuff that they haven't heard in many, many, many years, we're gonna stay true to the classic material that the fans have been wanting to hear for so long and then we'll be interjecting some new stuff soon."

Tate, who was fired from Queensryche in June after fronting the group for three decades, recently sought to prevent his former bandmates from touring and operating under the Queensryche name without him. While ruling against Tate, the presiding judge determined that there was no legal hurdle in Tate also using the name with an all-new lineup of musicians. "I don't see any reason that Mr. Tate can't have the benefit, if he gets other members, of whatever name he uses of using the brand", Superior Court Judge Carol A. Schapira said during the July 13 court hearing. "I think [doing that would be] inherently confusing, although I'm sure the market can get these things sorted out," she added.

On September 2, Tate announced that he was launching his own version of Queensryche with Ratt drummer Bobby Blotzer, former Quiet Riot, Ozzy Osbourne and Whitesnake bassist Rudy Sarzo and former Megadeth and King Diamond guitarist Glen Drover. Also on board in the new group are returning Queensryche guitarist Kelly Gray - who played with the band from 1998 until 2001 and also produced several of their albums - and keyboardist Randy Gane, who has toured and recorded with Queensryche and Geoff's solo group in the past.

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    So this means... If Queensryche comes to my town... I'll have no idea who I'm seeing? o.O
    This guy should shave his head and wear eye-liner. Then the fans can get the Queensryche experience.
    Ok but... Heavy =/= Good Operation Mindcrime was not a heavy album, yet it is their best.
    Will be looking forward a lot to their new material with Todd, he's a very talented singer and definitely at least as good as Geoff was.
    With all due respect La Torre isn't Tate nor is he ever going to be, nor should he try to be. This is one die-hard ryche lover who is done if Tate and the band won't get their sh*t together. There is no law against mixing up the sound with heavy and lyrical, where there's a way...blah, blah. I just know these guys better find it and in doing so tell La Torre, thanks but we finally woke the f*ck up.