Raconteurs Man Resumes Solo Career

artist: Raconteurs date: 06/04/2009 category: new releases
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Jack White's co-frontman in The Raconteurs, Brendan Benson, is to release his fourth solo album on August 24. Recorded in Nashville, "My Old, Familiar Friend" is the belated follow-up to 2005's "The Alternative To Love". In the intervening four years, Benson made two albums (2006's "Broken Boy Soldiers" and 2007's "Consolers Of The Lonely") and toured extensively with The Raconteurs. The tracklisting for "My Old, Familiar Friend" is: 01. A Whole Lot Better 02. Eyes On The Horizon 03. Garbage Day 04. Gonowhere 05. Feel Like Taking You Home 06. You Make A Fool Out Of Me 07. Poised And Ready 08. Don't Wanna Talk 09. Misery 10. Lesson Learned 11. Borrow Thanks for the report to Nme.com.
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