Radiohead Break Silence

Singer Thom Yorke has said that sessions for Radiohead's new album remind him of working on "Kid A".

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Radiohead have broken the silence over their new album, reports Singer Thom Yorke has unveiled that sessions for their new album remind him of working on "Kid A".

The band recently regrouped to start rehearsing and recording new songs for the follow-up to 2003's "Hail To The Thief". The album, not due until next year, will be the band's seventh. Yorke told NME that early sessions had seen the band changing the way they work, reminding him of the change between 1997 LP "Ok Computer" and "Kid A". He said: "It's going well. It's a bit like 'Kid A' - we're going through a period of change. But that's good. We'll get there."

Songs touted for the record include "House Of Cards", "Glass Flowers", "Reckoner" and "Arpeggi".

In related news, Radiohead have turned down an offer to play at the Live 8 event next month. A spokesman for the band said that all five members will be in different parts of the world at the time of the concert, on July 2. Guitarist Jonny Greenwood has also just become a father. "They were asked but they can't do it," the spokesman said. "Jonny is out of action because he and his wife have just had a baby and the rest of the band are spread out all over the place at that time."

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    I really liked Pablo Honey and the Bends, but, having said that I still maintain that their best overall work was OK Computer. Amnesiac and Kid A are definately better enjoyed whilst high on drugs.
    Y2A 66
    holy shit radiohead kicks ass looking forward to some new work from them
    I thought it said radiohead breaks up. I was almost jumping for utter joy until i read that it actually said radiohead breaks silence.
    Nice arguage up there. Sheesh. Sounds interesting.. I loved Kid A. Very innovative. It's hard to pick a favourite album from Radiohead. The Bends and OK Computer had GREAT songs, but there are just so many moments of beauty and cool hidden among the bleeps on Kid A and Amnesiac.
    Lord Zippy
    I've never heard OK computer-itunes doesnt seem to ahve it, never picked it up anywhere else. I'm ignorant, i know, but what style of music do tehy play? I'm clueless.
    Also, I would like to point out that you CAN enjoy the music of BOTH Radiohead and Korn. Close mindedness is a disease of which we will never be cured until we accept that we are all sick with it.
    DevilDriver221: Hey Seasoninhell the only good bands you listen to are A Perfect Circle and Slayer other than that all your other bands suck my cock. So you can go die because I'm better than you. Hey seasoninhell, the only good bands you listen are NiN and RATM. Other than that your bands suck my cock so you can go and type out an argument to me to. lol
    Don't care for Radiohead, think their so overrated, boring artsy music. But Kid A does seem to be a popular album with fans of Radiohead, so if this is like it, good for all the fans out there.
    lost vigilante
    kinda odd they decided to put reckoner on, its a really old song that they only used to play live (and i thought they didnt like it) anywho, they are sheer brilliance in a tin of pure ugliness love em
    they aren't saying that the songs will sound like kid a - they are saying that the transition from two different styles of music from one album to the next reminds them of the transition between Ok Computer and Kid a.
    Radiohead is awesome, I would sacrifice both legs to be able to write a song like climbing up the walls or paranoid android.
    Seasoninhell: Devildriver, you're 16 and you like Korn, you're opinion doesn't matter one iota. Seasoninhell, you're grown and you like radiohead your opinion is that of a f**king geek.
    Oh and i also wanted to ask what its like compared to "the bends" and "Ok computer" whats this "transaction" you talk about??
    Cool i've only recently got into Radiohead after hearing Street Spirit and i've bought "The bends" and "Ok computer" and like them, but whats "Kid A" like this is the first time i've heard of it, whats it like?, should i get it?
    Who's the god here. I'm the god. Everybody loves me. but there's those who hate me. I will keep the insults and arguments coming on newer posts of more crappy bands and my inspiration will flow like crazy.
    CharlesMathon That doesnt mean that the shit is not meaningless/messageless.
    Mate, one of your listed bands is ***ing Orgy, and you're chastising him for liking meaningless music?
    I really don't see how anyone could like Korn... But still - Radiohead are probably one of the very few bands around that actually talk in musical terms - not just with "harmony" and "lyrics" placed into sentences. Jonny Greenwood is the most talented musician on this good green earth in my opinion.
    Seasoninhell, A. Im already grown. B. The hair on my nuts seems to me to be longer than a boring ass radiohead album, and youd have to admit thats pretty long. C. You didnt pay good enough attention to the criticism I had of Radiohead. Of course, one would have to be an idiot to not recognize the talent of Radiohead. That doesnt mean that the shit is not meaningless/messageless. Beethoven was talented, do you think you could suffer through 55 minutes of that sh*t. I know I couldnt. You geeks make a huge deal over this shit because its supposed to be like adult alternative/Im-smarter-than-everyone-else-who-listens-to-shi t- with-normal-people-emotions. Its just like 15 year old kids who try so hard to be an outcast to fit into a certain group and they like bands just because of an image or how cool people will think you are if they know you listen to it. Manson is an excellent lyricist. bite my dick. youre a dumbass if you disagree. i gave gaydeohead their props, now give manson his, dick munch
    DevilDriver221: So what if I'm 16 and I have a better taste in music than you my opinion out weighs all of yours. HA!
    I love you. Just for existing. People like you inspire concentraion camps.
    You Radiohead nerds , have never even fuking heard of coal chamber, have you? have you? have you? thats what i thought weirdos.
    Plus, the band Devil Driver (led by Dez Fafara of Coal Chamber) kicks radiohead in the dick and stomps the shit out off them unmercifully.
    Ah, CharlesMathon strikes again. How about; a)grow up, b)grow some pubes and then c)come back with an argument that's valid. Until that day, kindly shut up. CharlesMathon, for those who haven't seen, was the one that stated that Marilyn Manson is the best songwriter of the 90's. Judge for yourself any merit he can bring to a debate on good music. I hate to be pedantic but that's two people who can't seem to punctuate correctly. Please can someone restore my faith in intelligent debate, or at least attempt to punctuate properly, if you're going to make an argument. Encore_god, sorry but what the hell is more egotistical than a guitar solo? Re: the band list on your profile.
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    MeatPuppets22: Fucking A. We need 90's bands around to show these new teeny bopper punks what it was all about. i have to agree that this statement is utter nonsense. 90's bands? try 60s and 70s bands my friend. Hendrix and Zeppelin are what it was all about.
    MeatPuppets22: Fucking A. We need 90's bands around to show these new teeny bopper punks what it was all about. -what a gay statement. i mean i dont like most top 40 rock sh*t either but you cant ***ing call somebody a teeny bopping punk because they like sh*t thats popular on mtv nowadays. Ninetys bands were popular and on mtv also....just in the 90's , you egotistical knobjob
    Radiohead's music is about has eventful as paint drying, grass growing, or corpse decay. Id rather music have never been evented than have to suffer through a whole entire radiohead album. To me, radiohead blows ass like jenna jameson in her earlier movies. that creep song rules
    pinion18: Korn is too full of shit to be full of themselves.
    Couldn't have said it better myself or typed w/e.
    since kid a IS one of the best albums EVER recorded by a group of earthlings, this is wonderful news. and i totally agree sinterpol, htdc should have been a single. come to think of it did they release a single for that album?
    Radiohead F***ING SUCKS HAIRY MONKEY BALLS!! Wow, great insight, I wasn't too fond of Hail to the Thief although they are a great band, I would definite;y love it if it follows the same sort of path as Kid A took, which of course means we'll get innovation and hopefully some great sounds
    Hey Seasoninhell the only good bands you listen to are A Perfect Circle and Slayer other than that all your other bands suck my cock. So you can go die because I'm better than you.
    So what if I'm 16 and I have a better taste in music than you my opinion out weighs all of yours. HA!