Radiohead Confirm Booking Studio for New Album: 'Our Best Record Is Still to Come'

"I have absolutely no idea what it'll sound like," says drummer Phil Selway.

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Following a handful of hints and a few official comments, Radiohead have confirmed booking studio time for the recording of a new album, marking a follow-up to 2011's "The King of Limbs."

Drummer Phil Selway was the one to drop the news, telling NME that he has "absolutely no idea" how the new record will turn out sounding like. "And that's what keeps us all there until the end," he added.

Confirming the initial hints of a September studio entrance, Selway noted, "We are starting again in about a month's time. We've decided that now feels right to start making music and we've got the first week booked in together so we'll see how it goes."

In a separate BBC Radio interview, the drummer made quite an attention-grabbing statement, saying, "There's always that sense that our best record is still to come. There's still a lot creativity we can do together."

"We just took 18 months away from [the band]. When we get back together, we’ll be bringing new experiences," Selway explained (via Consequence of Sound). "That immediately brings a whole new energy and drive to it."

In related news, Phil is releasing his solo album "Weatherhouse" on October 6 via Bella Union. Pre-orders are available over on iTunes, check out the preview clip below.

Back to Radiohead, the band sparked new album rumors with the latest update of their Polyfauna app, presenting fresh music and artwork. Details here.

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    Like I Is
    That's a tall order, and it doesn't seem like the type of statement that Radiohead usually makes about their music. Still, I'm sure it'll be top-notch. Looking forward to see what direction they take.
    Sute, it will be good. These guys cant make a bad record. But they wont NEVER top Ok Computer or Kid A
    you dont know that, i think In Rainbows AND Hail to the Thief are in the debate for their best album. King of Limbs was excellent but it was really on par with the Bends or Amnesiac (amazing but not Radiohead level of amazing). I wouldnt count them out to top themselves.
    We have the same unpopular opinion. HTTT doesn't get enough credit it deserves.
    Please don't be The Eraser part III, ffs. I need more Johnny and Colin.
    i don't think there will be their best even ! they are not that type of band ! each album opened a new gate to my ears that i never thought of !! sometimes i shall say ,what if they are given visions by aliens !
    I agree. Comparisons between their albums have never made sense to me. The band has existed 29 years already , and with each record they slip further into psychedelic abstraction. really, really excited for the new one.
    Radiohead always take their time, even when writing new material - The closing track "Motion picture soundtrack" on Kid A was written at the same time as Creep in '93, yet wasn't released until 7 years later, even longer with "Nude" of IR which had existed since they released OK Computer, and even longer with the National Anthem, the bass line which was written when Thom was 16. Ok, the latter may not count exactly, but still - While many bands often hurry to assemble their ideas together as quickly as possible, Radiohead are perfectionists, often taking as long as they need, and though still being highly creative also have a large catalouge of songs that were premiered live in a functional format, but never made it into a studio form.
    OOoo, - This will be interesting... But maybe, - maybe, - they might want to do a couple of faster tracks, - TKOL, for all its interestingness was very very soft in the pants department...
    Attention-grabbing? As if a band could go around saying "Yeah, the last album was our best. Everything from now on will be slightly shittier."
    I'm more excited about the possibility of a tour and chance to see them in person that follows the release of an album. Not that a new album wouldn't be welcomed, but their last one wasn't really my cup of tea (and I love most of their catalogue). I still haven't seem them live though (something stupid has prevented me from seeing them several time) and I'd really like to see them before they eventually hang it up.
    Blah Blah Blah... #Haterz
    We get it, you don't like Radiohead. I don't see what you get out of expressing that opinion in every single article that mentions them.
    it's so new waves of people are given the chance to recognize his douchebaggery
    Let's just hope the new album will be longer than King of Limbs. 37 minutes is not really an album, it's just an A-side missing a B-side.
    As much as I love The Eraser, Atoms for Peace, and TKOL, I'm really hoping they let Johnny do his thing again. Radiohead is best when the whole band works together like that. No matter what though, I have no doubt it'll be an excellent record.