Radiohead Drummer's New EP Due Soon

artist: Phil Selway date: 07/05/2011 category: new releases
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Radiohead Drummer's New EP Due Soon
Radiohead drummer Phil Selway is continuing his solo career with the release of a new EP. "Running Blind" will be released on July 25th in the UK, and follows his debut solo album "Familial" from last year. North American release details are unconfirmed. The four-track EP is apparently album rejects from his 2010 album, but Phil says it was because they were good enough to stand on their own. At least they've been recorded again - after touring the songs with a band, he decided to bring his full band in to get them on tape fresh and in their current form, according to Spinner. Meanwhile, yesterday we reported that Radiohead have offered new remixes for their "King Of Limbs" songs by Caribou and Jaques Greene, with more due throughout the summer - listen here. The same post details how the band have stepped into Chinese social networking on the site "Weibo", a micro-blogging service similar to Twitter. It has been confirmed by which verifies celebrities on the service, and despite the band only posting one update - "testing the weibo" - they have accumulated over 40,000 followers.
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