Radiohead To Start Working On New Album In September

"The plan is to get back together again at the end of the summer," says bassist Colin Greenwood.

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Radiohead's Colin Greenwood said that the band will be getting back together to work on their new album in a matter of months.

Speaking to BBC 6Music, bass player Greenwood said:

"We're taking some time out whilst people are doing some other stuff, doing their own things, and the plan is to get back together again [at the] end of the summer."

Radiohead released their eighth album, "The King Of Limbs", in 2011 and played a UK arena tour last autumn.

Frontman Thom Yorke is currently preparing to launch the debut album from his Atoms For Peace project with producer Nigel Godrich.

The duo will appear at London's Oval Space on February 22, with support from Actress and Throwing Snow, according to NME.

Thom Yorke's side project with Godrich, Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers and percussionist Mauro Refosco - release their debut album "Amok" on February 25 via XL.

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    Can't wait for whatever's next. The King Of Limbs stuff really confused me when I first heard it, but I think it's one of their strongest albums they've ever released.
    Radiohead is one of the few bands (in my opinion) that's been making great music AND been unafraid to push boundaries and experiment since their beginning. Since they haven't missed a beat in over 20 years I can't expect that their next album will be anything less than brilliant. PS - Guitar players... Jonny Greenwood is probably one the most underrated guitar players out there. Check out his solo stuff (and his playing with Radiohead, obviously) if you haven't yet!
    heelllllssss yea! TKOL is solid you just have to give it a few listens..I thinks its pretty damn good. I would like to hear a different sound on this new one but I'm sure whatever they put out will be good.
    I'm still not a big fan of The King of Limbs. But all the newer songs they've played live since release (like Identikit) have been fantastic so it gives me hope for the new album. I do hope they are quicker with it though. The King of Limbs took 4 years to finish songs that were mostly finished before even entering the studio, and I think they might have spent too much time on them. Staircase and The Daily Mail were pretty much live tracked and sounded fantastic.
    Staircase is better than most of the songs on TKOL imo. I really liked that song, as well as the Supercollider b-side.
    Same. Supercollider and Staircase are my favorite TKOL era songs. I don't really want to count Identikit until there's a real released version of it.
    Radiohead are one of the few remaining great,artistic bands. They never put out bad music...Even when they change directions.
    Radio head is definetly one the top bands making music these days whether you like them or not you can't deny that they have changed music
    He said end of the summer in British terms that doesn't mean september we only get 1 week of sun so could easily start in April!
    I have to agree with CFO, wouldn't we all really like to hear Radiohead get back to their roots? It's been too long. Think Beatles White Album!
    At least radiohead has had all their members from get go and i think that it's they have endured over the last 20yrs and stayed fresh all this time. Every album is different... From Pablo Honey to King of Limbs... Progressio. Is definitely prwsent and i look forward to the next one.
    It's going to be an incredible album. I'm excited to hear the new album whenever it comes out. Hopefully it isn't like King of Limbs and more like In Rainbows kind of album.
    Lovely! Great tour they did for TKOL as well. Hopefully won't be another 3 years till we get an album.
    This album and Steve Wilsons new album release on the same day, good new music day for me.
    Wait, you mean they actually told everyone about a new album more than two weeks before it came out? WHAT IS THIS BLACK MAGIC?!
    I dare them to put some guitar on this album.
    there's guitar in nearly all of their songs, they just have this great thing called musical creativity and use it in atypical ways. go watch any "live from the basement" session if you don't believe me.
    Judging from some of the new songs they played during the TKOL tour (Ful Stop, Cut a hole, Identikit etc) as well as some like The Present Tense that have been kicking around a while this album should be amazing.
    Awesome. I love that I have no idea what to expect. Hail to the Thief, In Rainbows and King of Limbs were all so completely different.
    That song up there (default) sounds a lot like something you'd hear on amnesiac with the "what the ****?" level turned down a notch. Or maybe I'm just more used to that kind of weird sound now, it's been a while since I listened to that album but god there was weird shit on there. It would give anyone complaining about how weird and electronicy the sound of TKOL is a brain aneurysm.
    Please Radiohead. STOP BEFORE YOU GET WORSE
    I know everyone's entitled to their opinion but really? Just cause they go heavy on beats/electronics doesn't mean they get worse.
    Dude, TKOL was actually pretty god once you get past the weird beats. Most positive Radiohead album to date and pretty damn original too. These guys have never made two albums that really sound alike (not counting Kid A and Amnesiac, same recording session).
    Amnesiac has much more jazz-influences than Kid A, so I would say that even those two don't sound the same, though they're closer than most Radiohead albums.
    I honestly don't think Kid A and Amnesiac sounded that much alike. I feel like Kid A sounds very massive and open while Amnesiac sounds more tight and claustrophobic. Love them both though.
    Ok, I've heard the statement "Radiohead are so influenced by jazz, this album has a strong jazz influence" Where? In what sense? Playing m7 chords on an electric piano doesn't mean you're a jazz band. And if someone can show me an example please do. I just feel saying you're 'jazz influenced' lets you look hip without having to learn to play actual jazz. And I'm not be pretentious, National Anthem and EIIRP def have a 'jazzy feel' I just don't think you can look at their whole body of work and say 'those guys listen to alot of Coltrane' or whoever. Steely Dan and Mahavishnu Orchestra are 'jazz influenced' in my book
    Knives Out, You And Whose Army, Life In A Glasshouse, all sounded pretty jazz influenced to me and I definitely understand when people say "Amnesiac was the most jazz-influenced Radiohead record." But at the same time, you're right, I don't listen to it and think they were listening to Jelly Roll Morton or anything like that.
    I think even Pyramid Song with its swing feels jazzy to me. But yeah, I'm not going to pick out specific jazz artists that it reminds me of, it just feels jazzy to me.
    'I just don't think you can look at their whole body of work and say 'those guys listen to alot of Coltrane' or whoever.' Well, the guy you replied to never actually said that did he :/ He said one period of recording had some jazz influences.
    It wasn't his comment specifically, and I agree that the Kid A/Amnesiac tandem is definitely a bit jazzy (I forgot about Life In a Glass House). Through the years I've just heard 'Radiohead +jazz' in many many discussions and articles about the band. I like the band, I've seen 'em live, had a great friggin' time; I just don't hear it consistently enough in their music. The Beatles were WAY more influenced by jazz but you don't hear people bring that up.
    I see where you're coming from, although I must say outside of Kid A/Amnesiac I haven't really heard people comment on their jazziness that frequently. Maybe that's just me. But I agree that outside of those two albums they (generally) aren't very jazzy.
    I know what you mean - but I think that Radiohead's jazz influence gets lost in the mix sometimes. Yes, they make a lot of jazz-influenced music but most of those songs are also influenced by rock, neo-psychedelia, krautrock, shoegaze, etc. etc. so sometimes you've gotta listen REALLY closely to hear specific influences... like it may just be a bass line or chord progression that's "jazzy" while everything around it is... "something else" haha. For me, this is why Radiohead's music is so interesting.
    Interesting. I think another thing that gets me is that they are influenced by a very specific type of jazz- late Miles, Mingus, very loose, textured, experimental stuff. You're not gonna hear Ellington style arrangements or anything. But hey, jazz musicians can't even agree on what makes jazz jazz.
    I agree, TKOL has been a late bloomer for me. It won't ever be my favorite Radiohead album but I've been appreciating it more and more over time. I'm looking forward to the new one!
    I cannot understand why you got so many positive votes on that comment, because the king of limbs is like "in rainbows 2"...which isnt bad, I like those two a LOT!
    It's funny, I must have been one of the only people who liked TKOL right away, and then after a while actually grew tired of it. I guess I'm just weird like that. Maybe it's because, as a rule, I try not to listen to a new Radiohead record with any specific expectations; I just take whatever's given to me. But that record ran its course for me within about 2 weeks.
    I think it's time for ok computer part 2
    You mean In Rainbows?
    Sadly, I can see why you got downvoted for this lol... surprising how many Radiohead fans are completely oblivious to the connection between the two albums
    What is the connection between In Rainbows and OK Computer that you speak of? Other than that they are two of Radiohead's most accesible, song-oriented, and least abstract albums, I don't really see it.
    Most of the in rainbows songs were made during the same time OK computer was recorded and they went back and redid them and put them on the in rainbows album
    Ok Computer and In Rainbows both have 10 letters in the title. They were released 10 years apart. Starting with Airbag, if you crossfade 15 Step into the last ten seconds of it, it fits in perfectly with tempo. You could do this with each song on the albums, alternating back and forth and they'll fit into each other, either through similar noises, keys or tempos. It's quite amazing. My friend made me a copy of it and it's a blast to listen to. Plus they're my two favourite Radiohead albums.
    I just tried doing this and have to disagree with you that they are intentionally "synced" together, if thats what you're implying. When you pair the tracks together this way, for about the first half, some do seem to share a similiar vibe, and some of them are in the same key. More than anything, you can just tell that both albums have a similiar pacing and flow. It was interesting to listen to the albums this way but I'd have to say its all entirely coincidental
    This isn't made up though, Thom confirmed it. The meaning behind all of this is right in front of our faces, were just overlooking it. [Thom] has been expecting an article much like this one for a couple of years, as have I. But Im willing to wager hell have fun waiting a few more. On the other hand, it seems to annoy him that no one gets it yet, given the mountain of clues. -Taken from an article talking about this theory with Thom Yorke.
    I think it's time for them to keep doing whatever the **** they want and not remake previous masterpieces. But that's just me.
    Not hearing much of Flea in that song, unless he's on keyboards or something.
    Check out Judge Jury and Executioner, his bassline is fairly simple, but I'm pretty certain its him playing.