Rage Against The Machine Recording New Album?

According to the band's bassist Tim Commerford, Rage Against The Machine may be secretly working on a new album.

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Rage Against The Machine may be secretly working on a new album.

When confronted by US gossip site TMZ while leaving a café in Malibu, California, bassist Tim Commerford coyly hinted that the band may be recording their fifth studio album.

In the video interview, which you can see below, when asked if the band are working on new material, Commerford says, "maybe...maybe." While it's not the most concrete of evidence, if true, it would be Rage Against The Machine's first album since 2000's "Renegades".

The band disbanded in 2000, following singer Zack De La Rocha's departure. The rest of the band went on to form Audioslave with Soundgarden's Chris Cornell until 2007 when they reformed to play Coachella festival.

Since then the band have played a series of gigs, including an infamous 2010 free gig at Finsbury Park in London to celebrate their track "Killing In The Name" beating the "X-Factor" to Christmas Number One, and last played live in July 2011 in LA.

Thanks for the report to NME.com.

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    when asked if the band are working on new material, Commerford says, "maybe...maybe." How can UG justify writing an article and getting our hopes up based on that 1 word?
    haha you all take this news site so seriously. they want hits so they post everything they can. its not news that this place does that.
    I agree, I am now super ****ing amped up and probably won't be able to sleep for the next week or so. Worse still, if this turns out not to be true I might have to kill myself (and other people in the process)...
    Hey, I'd rather have THIS over news of Justin Beiber throwing up on stage.
    They can justify an article based on one word with three more simple words. "Slow news day."
    He pulled out his tooth because he though it would be cool... wut
    I don't know man, 'removing teeth' is the most metal answer to a question I've heard in a while
    Honestly as a kid there was no MTV you couldn't get cable where I lived and there was only 3 channels so I really didn't see many music videos. The first time I saw a RATM music video and realized Tom was making all those weird noises with his guitar and there wasn't a DJ in the band my mind was literally ****ing blown. A new RATM album would be nice and is very much needed in today's music industry.
    He seemed very happy to be getting attention haha anyway if it's true I hope they come back with a bang as I'd had to have the memory of my favourite childhood band tarnished!
    Tomorrow's article: The Smiths Working on new album? "While Morrissey has insisted that The Smiths are Never getting back together, he declined to say anything about them making an album."
    Why would he say maybe if they weren't? My guess is they've been working on it for a while now.
    One of the greatest if not THE greatest mainstream rock band of the 90's
    10 bucks says new material sounds like this "bam burNUH buh burna wahhhhh buhn buhnuhuhhhh bam burNUH buh burna wahhhhh buh buhnuhuhhhh do re mi fa so la"
    I swear to God UG if this turns out to be bullshit I am coming for you...all of you...
    I remember 2007 when there were rumors that Rage may put out new music.
    UG writes an article about RATM recording new album at least once a year. It's never true. I don't get excited anymore.
    This better be true. C'mon Tom! I love The Nightwatchman/SSSC but get RATM back in the studio! ITs not like theres a shortage of material to write about. Things are WORSE THEN EVER. The world needs RATM more then anything right now. Lets do it!
    If they do something I hope it is going to be an ultra political album. Tom's at his best these days.
    i doubt there will be a new one anytime soon i hope im wrong but those tmz guys are so annoying i cant stand them. Y.tim.K looks like he just wants to get the hell away from them
    I saw them in 2008, he's the only musician who's managed to cause my ears physical pain, his sound was that huge. Best gig I've ever seen.
    Fuckin A. I got to interview Tom Morello a few months back and he said Rage wasn't doing anything in he forseeable future but we could all hope that's changed.
    STOP TEASING US WITH WHAT CAN'T EVEN BE CONSIDERED A DEVELOPMENT. When I read a headline like this, I expect Tom Morello or Zach saying it's official. This is a coy attempt to maintain reader interest. I'd rather have no headline at all than this weak attempt.
    Rage was one of the first bands i truely got into by myself, and i'm 17. i've evolved. but a new album would be the greatest thing since sliced bread.