Rage Against The Machine's Tim Commerford Teases TMZ On The New Album... Again

When again asked about new music from Rage, Commerford declares "Definitely... maybe... Anything is possible."

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It was right around this time last month when TMZ caught up with Rage Against The Machine four-stringer Tim Commerford, reports Antiquet.

Once again Harvey Levin's crew has crossed paths with the former Audioslave member in one of the Los Angeles County's illustrious parking lots.

When once again asked about new music from RATM, Commerford declares "Definitely... maybe... Anything is possible." From there the two discuss what an idiot Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan is. You can check it out for yourself down below (after an ad of course).

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    Timmy C's bass lines are so nasty. Feel the funk blast.
    He's such a cool down to earth guy. I actually spent one whole summer learning their self titled album on bass and it really accelerated my bass playing.
    Keep in mind that RATM released their self-titled album around the time that the first Democratic president in 12 years was elected, not to mention the first Democrat to serve a full eight years since Harry S. Truman. Coincidentally, they broke up at the end of said Democratic presidency. Furthermore, RATM is against the two-party system anyway, so no matter who wins.. expect an awesome RATM album.
    I'm democrat and the only reason i would want Romney to win, is for an epic RATM album