RATM Not Recording New Album

artist: Rage Against the Machine date: 05/05/2011 category: new releases
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RATM Not Recording New Album
Although there were rumors and even an alleged comment from singer Zack De La Rocha that Rage Against The Machine would finally make a new studio album this year, guitarist Tom Morello told The Pulse Of Radio that all the band has on its agenda for the rest of 2011 is an appearance at the L.A. Rising festival on July 30 in Los Angeles alongside Muse and Rise Against, among others. "Right now there are no... You know, the band is not writing songs, the band is not in the studio", he said. "We get along famously and we all, you know, intend to do more Rage Against The Machine stuff in the future, but beyond sort of working out a concert this year, there's nothing else on the schedule." Rage Against The Machine released its last studio album, "Renegades", in 2000. The band disbanded that year and reunited in 2007, but despite playing a number of live shows has not recorded anything new. Morello will release a new EP, "Union Town", digitally on May 17 and as a CD and vinyl album on July 19. All profits from "Union Town" will benefit The America Votes Labor Unity Fund via SaveWorkers.org. The disc consists of eight pro-union songs inspired by Morello's attendance at pro-union rallies in Madison, Wisconsin this past February. Morello will also release his third solo album under the name The Nightwatchman, titled "World Wide Rebel Songs", in late summer. Thanks for the report to Blabbermouth.net.
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