RATM Reveal New DVD Footage

Rage Against The Machine are releasing an epic 20th anniversary box set for their classic self-titled album. Watch it here, and check out the full contents of the deluxe box set.

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Live footage from the forthcoming Rage Against The Machine box set has been revealed.

You can see the band performing "Take The Power Back" in 1993 in the player below.

It will appear on the 20th anniversary reissue of their iconic self-titled album on November 27 in several formats, each with the new title "Rage Against The Machine XX". There will be a regular single disc version, a Special Edition with two CDs and two DVDs, and a deluxe box set with the CDs, DVDs, vinyl and a 40-page book full of photos, and liner notes by Chuck D from Public Enemy.

Footage on the DVD will span their entire career, including their 2010 London reunion which was prompted by their fans getting "Killing In The Name" to the coveted Christmas no. 1 spot.

Watch Rage Against The Machine play "Take The Power Back" at the Chicago Vic Theatre in 1993 here:

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Full tracklist and contents of "Rage Against The Machine XX" (via Antiquiet):

CD 1 (original album)

01. Bombtrack 02. Killing In The Name 03. Take The Power Back 04. Settle For Nothing 05. Bullet In The Head 06. Know Your Enemy 07. Wake Up 08. Fistful Of Steel 09. Township Rebellion 10. Freedom Bonus Tracks (b-sides) 11. Bombtrack (live, taken from Bombtrack single) 12 Bullet in the Head (live, taken from Bullet in the Head single) 13. Take The Power Back (live, taken from Freedom single)

CD 2 "The Original Demos" first official commercial release (except where noted)

01. Bombtrack 02. Take The Power Back 03. Bullet in the Head 04. Darkness of Greed (previously released) 05. Clear the Lane (previously released) 06. Township Rebellion 07. Know Your Enemy 08. Mindset's A Threat 09. Killing In The Name 10. Auto Logic 11. The Narrows 12. Freedom

DVD #1

"The Battle Of Britain" previously unreleased Finsbury Park, London England (June 6, 2010)

01. Testify 02. Bombtrack 03. People Of The Sun 04. Know Your Enemy 05. Bulls On Parade 06. Township Rebellion 07. Bullet In The Head 08. White Riot 09. Guerrilla Radio 10. Sleep Now In The Fire 11. Freedom 12. Killing In The Name

Tracklist: MUSIC VIDEOS 01. Killing in the Name (1992) 02. Bullet in the Head (1993) 03. Bombtrack (1993) 04. Freedom (1993) 05. Bulls on Parade (1996) 06. People of the Sun (1996) 07. No Shelter (1998) 08. Guerrilla Radio (1999) 09. Sleep Now in the Fire (2000) first official commercial release 10. Testify (2000) first official commercial release 11. Renegades of Funk (2000) first official commercial release 12. How I Could Just Kill a Man (2000) previously unreleased

Live material from 1997 video compilation first time on DVD

01. The Ghost Of Tom Joad 02. Vietnow Irvine, CA 1997 03. People Of The Sun 04. Bulls On Parade 05. Bullet In The Head 06. Zapata's Blood Rock Am Ring Festival, Germany 1996 07. Know Your Enemy 08. Bombtrack 09. Tire Me Reading Festival 1996 10. Killing In The Name Pink Pop Festival 1994

DVD #2 all previously unreleased

"First Public Performance" Cal State North Ridge, Ca (OCTOBER 23, 1991)

01. Killing In The Name 02. Take The Power Back 03. Autologic 04. Bullet In The Head 05. Hit The Deck 06. Township Rebellion 07. Darkness Of Greed 08. Clear The Lane 09. Clampdown 10. Know Your Enemy 11. Freedom

01. Pink Pop 1994 Freedom 02. vic theatre 1993 Take the Power Back 03. Jc Dobbs 1993 Fistful of Steel 04. Soundstage Performance 1992 Bombtrack 05. Halfway House 1992 Wake Up 06. Castaic 1992 Settle for Nothing 07. San Luis Obispo 1992 Clear the Lane 08. Cwnn 1992 Untitled 09. Zed's Records 1992 Darkness of Greed 10. Nomads 1992 Wake Up

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    I saw the words Rage Against The Machine and New and got excited.....but then I saw DVD and my hopes were dashed yet again.
    great, but how about a new album? The current state of the world, and politics should.be.more than ample.to inspire them to write new material