'Really Special' Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson Collaboration Coming Soon

Collaboration announced by Epic Records chairman, details inside.

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Epic Records chairman and CEO L.A. Reid has recently announced a collaboration between the late King of Pop and young sensation Justin Bieber, dubbing it very likely to come.

You might recall a similar thing happening a while ago when "Slave 2 the Rhythm" track leaked featuring MJ and Bieber, but was quickly removed and later on included on "Xscape" without Justin's singing.

However, as Reid explained to Access Hollywood, the collab is going to be revisited. "I signed Justin, so I feel a loyalty," he said. "I feel like I should protect him. That's my relationship with him. But 'Slave 2 the Rhythm' didn't include him per my direction.

"If it hadn't been leaked, it would have been featured but it sort of took the wrong turn. But you know what? We're gonna revisit that," the CEO noted (via Billboard). "We're going to revisit it and do something really special with Justin Bieber and Michael."

Directly asked on whether "Justin Bieber and Michael Jackson may be singing together on a future release of Michael's," Reid replied: "I'm pretty sure."

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    It's not really a collaboration though is it, it's basically going to be him singing over a Michael Jackson song. I suppose anyone that's ever sung along to Thriller has done a collaboration with Michael Jackson.
    i've said it before, and i'll say it again: Record companies are a bunch of money-grubbing bastards.
    How the bloody hell is it a collaboration when one of the people involved is too dead to have a say in it anyway?
    Seriously though, why does this need to be a thing? It's nothing more than a money-grabbing attempt from the record company to capitalise on the success of both artists (I hate using the term 'success' in the case of Bieber, but he is obviously a cash cow for the label and it is pretty clear that they aren't done milking Bieber's popularity just yet).
    Downvote me at will, but I'd like to listen to Justin Bieber singing over a song that doesn't sound like shit, out of curiosity. He can carry a tune.
    From the little I've heard of his recent work he is starting to show a little more control in his vocals, and songwriting has gotten less annoying.
    I thought Bieber was a little too old for Michael to "collaborate" with. By the Way - How the hell is this guitar related? THE SITE IS CALLED ULTIMATEGUITAR
    This is just ruining MJ's legacy. Bieber doesn't deserve to be even mentioned in the same sentence in the same sentence as MJ or any musician/band/singer for that matter. Put out the material how he would've wanted it. You don't see Justin Bieber or any poppy shithead on any new Lennon or Hendrix songs.
    The Version of Slave to the Rhythm that leaked a couple of years ago is clearly the superior version. Even the Justin Bieber version is better than the one on the album. It's a shame. It was actually one of the songs I looked forward to the most.