Red Hot Chili Peppers to Start Recording New Album in September

Chad Smith says they'll hit the studio in September to start writing a follow-up to 2011's "I'm With You."

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Red Hot Chili Peppers will officially start work on a brand new album this September, says drummer Chad Smith.

"We're probably looking at getting together in September and getting on a roll and starting to write songs for the next record," Smith tells Billboard (via NME). "We always have little ideas percolating in jams and rehearsal warm-ups and soundchecks and gigs."

Describing their songwriting process, Smith said: "Sometimes we bust into stuff ... We just kind of play whatever, so we always have those little tidbits. But we don't have any fully-formed songs until the four of us get in a room together. That's when the real writing process starts. So, yeah, we're looking at the fall."

Their last studio album "I'm With You" was released in 2011, and the band have been touring almost non-stop ever since. In 2012 they were inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and bassist Flea featured in the lineup for Thom Yorke's Atoms for Peace supergroup.

During the last album's recording sessions, the band managed to record an additional 18 singles which are being released one at a time through their website.

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    There's a difference between writing and recording UG...
    Haha whaaaaa? UG with a misleading title? Honestly, you'd think they'd figure out how to name an article by now. Oh wells.
    If Josh Klingoffer can deliver on at least one really funky track, then this album will be truly awesome.
    He's got some great funky licks on "I'm With You" the main little riff and ending of "Factory of Faith" is super funky, as is most of "Ethiopia". I don't think he was completely comfortable with the band yet, going from touring member to the actual guitarist can be daunting. When I saw them live Josh was nailin the funk tones and was doing some kick ass solo's. I think this next album will be great now that he's put in some time with the group.
    The way I see it this was Josh's Mother's Milk. The next album could be his Blood Sugar Sex Magik. I don't think it'll have as big an impact of course, but it should sound much more cohesive.
    I never thought of it like that, honestly I think Josh covered more ground in the I'm With You Tour than John did before BSSM.
    You mean, playing John's music?
    Josh and John are 2 completely different people and guitarists, stop comparing them. I will admit John was better than Josh but he is still a great guitarist.
    Haha don't compare them, followed by John was better. I love the internet. And I saw them live and was soooo let down. This last album was imo the bands worst to date. A few good tracks but no cohesiveness or balls, and what are the peppers without balls. I also didn't care for Josh's stage antics, he had one move and it was stand really far away from the wah pedal and try to straddle over to it, wtf? I wish they'd have called it a day when John left as much as I hate to say that
    yea right, MM was way better than the "i'm with you" garbage. I can't even begin to fathom how you compared the two, especially when talking about funk.
    I'm talking about how MM was John's first album with the band, where he was a member but was yet to really find his role.
    Right, and Mother's Milk was still a good CD or at least sounded like a chili pepper's album. Does Im With You even have a solid direction/sound? Seems like a collection of random songs.
    This record needs to be better mixed than the previous, making Josh's guitar louder. My biggest problem with "I'm With You" is it didn't feature the guitar enough, especially compared to records like BSSM, Californiacation, and Stadium Arcadium. I think Josh being new was a factor in the album mixing happening the way it did.
    Just to pre-empt everyone saying that RHCP need Fru back - he's gone. He's not coming back, so just accept Josh or don't listen to the new music. Simple.
    Thank. You. That's all I was thinking as I was reading these comments. Bands change, that includes the members. If you guys miss John then I encourage you all to check out any of his many solo albums, he and Josh have a good album out too. But his time with the Chilis is over and there's nothing wrong with that.
    Josh is a phenomenal guitar player and now he's used to being in the band and more comfortable I'm hopeful that this will be a beastly album
    The Chili Peppers are my favorite band. But I'm With You just didn't do it for me. Maybe that's just because I'm still upset about Frusciante leaving...Hopefully I'll like this one more.
    Saw the Peppers in September. Josh had a broken leg at the time, but when he hopped out of his seat to the center of the stage to jam with flea, and the two sat on the stage floor and just played together, that had to be the greatest bit of live music ive ever seen. I'm stoked about the new album
    I'm so pumped to hear what Josh Klingoffer will bring to the table this time. Unique, talented and very diverse, I just hope they turn him up more this time round. I'm With You was killer and had some great riffs and licks that were far too quiet.
    Josh seems comfortable with them now, and I thought I'm With You was great, so Josh can only improve in the studio and in the writing process. The dude is a great talent and their chemistry is where it needs to be to make the next effort awesome. Can't wait.
    Didn't John leave cause he's John? What i mean by that is i thought he left cause RHCP are a workhorse of a group and he didn't want the constant go-go-go that comes with their touring/recording. The guy is out there. In what i'd call a mad scientist/genius kind of way, though....
    John Frusciante is one of a kind, but Josh Klinghoffer is a great guitarist in his own right. Can't wait to see what he can conjur up on the next record!
    I'm an RHCP fan. I love seeing new albums come out. Gotta get John back though
    There are only two ways I see John ever coming back at all. One, as a guest appearance on a track. Two (and I don't mean to be negative with this), if something happens to Josh; i.e. tragic death, heavy drug addiction, etc. The band would never kick Josh out just to bring John back in. Never. I feel like some people have this mindset that Josh is still an outsider, or somehow less than John. Josh is different. Just like John is different from Hillel. Navarro is different (some of his songs on One Hot Minute are pretty awesome, especially "Walkabout," but I can't say he's one of my favorites). It's a new phase, a different band, just like every other guitarist they have had.
    See, Josh isn't a new guitarist though. he was the rhythm guitarist and he got promoted to lead. People tend to forget that. And I'm not saying that Josh is bad, I have always liked the chili peppers. I will always like the chili peppers. But people tend to grow attached to members.
    This is the best thing I've read all day, given the fact that the only other thing had to do with Megadeth's new album...
    I liked "I'm With You" but it was definitely a building block. Some really good tracks on there, but the guitar seemed a little held back at times. I just hope Josh goes full-out on this one and delivers with the funk. But let's not forget Flea - his incredible bass lines compliment what comes from the guitar (and vice versa), so it's a cohesive effort and style.
    I liked I'm with you but I listened to it religiously for maybe two months and haven't went back since, doesn't help its way too loud and compressed... I'm not sure how the new album will turn out the singles they've been releasing are really boring some good ideas but just not RHCP exciting. Froosh is way better on his own and Josh is a good fit hopefully his guitar is louder in the next album.
    I loved "I'm With You". It's better than "Stadium Arcadium", if you discount quantity, so let this next album continue the upward trend.
    It's better than "Stadium Arcadium" What?!? U R kidding, right?
    I agree with mattyp90. Stadium Arcadium, while a step in the right direction on some songs, was ultimately boring and very flawed. The best song on the album (Hump De Bump) was basically just a redo of an older Chili Peppers song (American Ghost Dance). Then again, after Californication I found it to be more the "Frusciante experience" than RHCP.. so maybe I'm biased. I love John's solo stuff, but I think the Chili Peppers suffered from him making the band an outlet for his solo work. I'm With You, however, was a neat album (far from great, but still decent) that reintroduced a lot of the disco elements I loved back in the Slovak days.
    Are you kidding? "Hump De Bump" the best song on Stadium Arcadium? I wouldn't miss it if it was cut from the record, minus the drum solo. Should've replaced it with "Mercy Mercy."
    Seriously, I agree with the guy calling you a moron. Did you really just say I'm With You is a better album than Stadium Arcadium?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, that's the funniest thing i've heard in a while.
    I never said I'm With You is a better album than Stadium Arcadium, rather I agreed it's a better show of an upward trend from the Peppers. This is why I love the hive mind, though. I actually put out what I assumed was a well thought out argument only to be met with insults and horrible rhetoric fanboyism. Why, exactly, am I a moron? Would you like to expound on your points or debate mine rather than devolving to insults?
    First off, none of what you even said in your original post makes much sense. You called Hump de Bump the best song on the album? Really? Did you actually listen to the album, or only what was on the radio? You heard disco elements on IWY? What would you even call a disco element? It's even more far fetched that you would say it sounds like stuff from their early days, when they played with basically a distortion and chorus pedal live (besides the random funk sax/big band parts inserted when recorded)? You said "[SA] was ultimately boring and very flawed", then you said "[iwy] is a neat album...but still decent". How do you make this to be a better showing of an "upward trend"? Really? That's your thought out argument? You do realize that besides maybe some of the stuff on By the Way, none of their stuff sounds even remotely close to 90% of John's solo stuff, right?
    "You called Hump de Bump the best song on the album?" In my opinion? Yes. Everything else was middling to good, but nothing hit that Chili Pepper vibe quite like Hump De Bump did; and that's mainly because it's nearly identical to a much older song by them. "You heard disco elements on IWY? What would you even call a disco element?" Yes. The running bass lines were much more "Groovy" and biting on IWY than they were on Stadium Arcadium, and not to mention Klinghoffer's texturing was very reminiscent of the Ohio Players. Albeit, mixed with a LOT of Sonic Youth, but the Disco vibe is still there. "It's even more far fetched that you would say it sounds like stuff from their early days" Again, I never said that. You keep putting words in my mouth. First being you seem to think I think IWY is a better album than Stadium Arcadium.. I don't think that. I just like the reintroduction of the minimalist/disco type of playing from Klinghoffer that was a huge part of pre MM Peppers. "You said "[SA] was ultimately boring and very flawed", then you said "[iwy] is a neat album...but still decent"." I did say that. I'm entitled to thinking an album is boring but still think it shines.. unfortunately, SA was full of mediocre songs with a few bright moments. "How do you make this to be a better showing of an "upward trend"? Really?" I don't understand the question. I thought it was very clear what I meant.. I found SA to be boring and very formulaic while IWY was actually trending towards something interesting for RHCP. Keep in mind, I still think SA is a better album than IWY... I just prefer the direction IWY is going because that's my vibe. "That's your thought out argument? " Yes. Much moreso than your hivemind pandering and name calling. "You do realize that besides maybe some of the stuff on By the Way, none of their stuff sounds even remotely close to 90% of John's solo stuff, right? " Again, words in my mouth. I never said that. I was simply saying post Californication CP sounds like an outlet for John, and not the band. BTW, SA, IWY... I like them. But overall, they are uninspired. Repeating myself, I just like the direction.
    thats the funniest comment I've read in a while
    Firstly, I'm a huge RHCP fan who owns their albums since Mother's Milk. My first statement is blunt, let me clarify. I'm essentially saying that for Stadium Arcadium they let a few too many songs onto it that weren't on par with the rest. The best songs on Stadium Arcadium are better than the best on I'm With You, but its worst songs are far inferior, in my opinion. Overall, if I put I'm With You on I'd have less urge to skip tracks. That is all.
    Not to be a dick, (but I guess I have no choice but to come off like one). But if you consider yourself a "huge RHCP fan" then why do you only own the albums since Mother's Milk? The first three are really essential to the discography, it's really the foundation for what this band is all about. I'm not saying they are the best albums in the discography, but they are certainly not to be dismissed.
    I'm 23, I matured musically listening to Californication and By The Way in those eras. My first major concert was the first time I saw Chilis, at Hyde Park in London. I delved back as far as Mother's Milk and found that Blood Sugar Sex Magik is my overall favourite album. Not much that I've heard from the early albums has inspired me to spend my money on them yet, but I imagine I will get them at some point in the future to round off the discography. I don't feel any less of a fan for owning just 7 albums, there's more than enough material within them that I appreciate to the degree that I would call myself a huge fan. Maybe I'm unwise to neglect the first 3 albums, but I'm no less qualified to enjoy them as musicians for it.
    ....who really cares...Keidis is a shit vocalist live...awful.
    He is better in studio then live but he is still great...probably better than you.
    Cool. Love the Chili Peppers. Just would like them to play the odd really old track (Freaky Styley, Uplift Mofo Party Plan) and something off One Hot Minute on tour.
    I have a feeling this next album will be great, I'll bet it'll be even better than their last four albums.
    Would be great to See John at least as a guest in a song Josh is a great guitarist although must admit Maybe in the new album he will be able to express himself better
    the world has had enough RHCP. cant they just give it a rest. they stopped putting out anything of value sense 91.
    Sorry but I think you meant, that the world will never see enough of RHCP and their real good stuff started coming in 91.