R.E.M.'s Peter Buck: 'My New Album Won't Be In Walmart'

artist: Peter Buck date: 09/20/2012 category: new releases
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R.E.M.'s Peter Buck: 'My New Album Won't Be In Walmart'
Guitarist Peter Buck used to be in one of them most successful touring bands of all time. But now that R.E.M. is no longer a concern, he's been able to do things a bit differently. As SlicingUpEyeballs notes, the guitarist has announced details of his upcoming solo album. The record, on which Buck will sing eight of the twelve tracks, is planned as a vinyl-only release. What's more, the whole album took Buck a mere four-and-a-half days to record, a time that he hopes to get down to two days for the next record. The guitarist also predicts that the album, released through Mississippi Records, will be out in time for Thanksgiving: "If I had wanted to make it a CD, the CD would've been out three months ago, but vinyl is what I want to do for right now. It's a record - like all records, people will have to look for it, I guess. It's not gonna be in Walmart. We'll see about the digital. I'm sure it'll be out before, say, Thanksgiving. I say that with hope". Meanwhile, Buck intends to start playing shows with longtime sideman Scott McCaughey, ex R.E.M. drummer Bill Rieflin and others under the name Richard M. Nixon. The first of their shows is this weekend in Seattle. Buck notes that fans can expect something a bit different from these shows compared to R.E.M.: "It's not really my job to be a frontman. I'm not gonna be doing hour-long sets or anything like that, but I wouldn't be surprised if you heard some songs from my next - this new thing that I did".
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