RHCP Guitarist Premieres New LP From His Other Band Dot Hacker

Klinghoffer’s side-project releases second album

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Josh Klinghoffer might be best known as the guitarist for Red Hot Chili Peppers, but the  LA based funk-rock outfit is not his only pursuit.

As Billboard reports, Klinghoffer is set to release a new LP with Dot Hacker, in which he is frontman. The alt-rock group releases their second album, "How's Your Process? (Work)," today. Check out a sample below.

Dot Hacker was formed by Klinghoffer and Clint Walsh in 2006, when the pair were touring as part of Gnarls Barkley. The band, which also features Eric Gardner and Jonathan Hischke, released their debut album titled "Inhibition," in 2012.

"How's Your Process? (Work)" will be followed by a sequel, titled "How's Your Process? (Play)" in the near future. Speaking about the decision to release two albums, Clint Walsh had the following to say:

"We recorded a lot of songs over the last year with the intention of making a single full length album. We never actually expected that all of them would make the final sequence. However, we quickly realized there was nothing we felt should be left off."

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    Josh has an awesome voice. Hopefully RHCP will feature his vocals more often on the next record, along with the guitar. He had awesome parts but they were far too quiet. Also wouldn't mind some more Klingoffer/Frusciante music.
    matteo cubano
    ya but hopefully RHCP gets John back
    Keep on trollin... If everyone keeps naggin about it, he surely will come back. Josh does a perfect job! So shut up and enjoy the music
    I have to disagree, the last RHCP album was totally bland and suffered hugely from the lack of Fruciante.
    Dude, if RHCP get John back, it's going to sound like this:
    And don't get me wrong, I'm a huge JF fan, but his latest releases are... ahem... a bit weird.
    Josh is very underrated and doesn't get the respect he deserves with all these "Bring back John Frusciante" fans.
    Frusciante is my 3rd favourite guitarist (after Hendrix and Gallagher) but if he doesn't want to play with the chilis anymore then it's best if he doesn't. Josh got off to a shaky start but he's come a long way, I'd much rather see him put his heart and soul into every performance than John on autopilot
    The strange thing is most big Froosh fans also love Josh.
    Whats really strange is I miss John a lot, but without him Josh is by far my favorite Pepper. Josh is honestly the only reason I'm still interested in what they do. Everyone should check out Dot Hacker because you really get to see his genius.
    I love Froosh and I love Josh. I don't understand how people are missing Josh's skills, his voice is fantastic and his ideas are completely original.
    I love Dot Hacker there First album Inhibition was so amazing I kinda wish Josh did this band full time , but then I saw him play with RHCP and oh man the guy is great he plays well on the jams.. gives a few nods to John and even Hillel. Needless to say hes super talented and has earned his respect by just playing music.
    This headline annoys me. 'his other band'...
    Me too. It also annoys me that it doesn't just say his name instead of "RHCP guitarist."
    It kinda sounds like Silversun Pikcups, which I find to be a good thing.