RHCP Have 30 Songs Ready for New Album, Rick Rubin Production Still Uncertain

Being overly prolific not the band's goal, but the tracks keep coming up, says guitarist Josh Klinghoffer.

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Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Josh Klinghoffer has confirmed that the band has racked up 30 fresh tunes for the new album, a follow-up to 2011's "I'm With You."

Chatting with Noise 11, Josh also discussed the matter of album producer, saying that it's still uncertain whether Rick Rubin will helm the new release.

"The Chili Peppers are working every day writing," the guitarist said. "We have produced a more elaborate demo stage into the writing, at least more than the band has before. Flea owns a really great studio now. I've been recording with the Chili Peppers every day. We've written musically 30 songs now. We sort of did this last time, which was my first album."

Focusing on the immense number of fresh ideas, Klinghoffer stressed that the group is not looking to repeat last album's track overload, yet the ideas keep piling up. "We piled a s--tload of stuff on Anthony [Kiedis] and he actually came through," Josh remembers. "He wrote lyrics to 50 songs in the end. We recorded 50 last time. We released an extra 17 that didn't go on the album. We are conscious to not do that again, but we're already up to 28 or 30 songs."

Addressing rumors that Rubin's replacement was found, the axeman noted, "Yeah, yeah, well ... that's not even 100 percent official yet. That is sort of up in the air still. Normally he becomes involved in the arranging process but he hasn't yet been which is good for me. I like it the way we are doing it so far. There hasn't been an official producer named yet, so in the absence of that, you never know what could happen."

In related news, the band's self-titled debut turned 30 last week. After humbly landing at No. 201 on the US Billboard chart, it went on to sell over 300,000 copies around the world.

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    I really liked I'm With You. I'm just sick of Rick Rubin or his sound guys messing up the production of bands.
    Josh was far too quiet on the last album, although I'm not sure it's fair to put all blame on Rubin. Regardless, it probably did the opposite of what they intended, and made John's absence severely noted. With that said, I'm With You was great and I can't wait to see what Josh will do this time round, he's incredible
    What's with RHCP fans and not believing in them? Just because John is gone doesn't mean they aren't a great band anymore, man. John went off to do his whack-ass experimental stuff which I personally don't like at all, but RHCP are going strong. BELIEVE in them and give their stuff a chance. I don't mean you in particular since you said you liked IWY, but man I hear so called "fans" say all their new stuff is bad.
    Nobody who you replied to here said that they aren't great anymore without John. This comment sounds like it should have been on it's own, rather than a reply.
    I never said that at all. I love Josh Klingoffers work in and out of the RHCP. All I implied was that with the first album without John, the quiet guitar mixing made it even more noticeable
    I hope that this would be like Josh's BSSM, I mean IWY was good, but it would be really cool if you could actually hear Josh's guitar on this album.
    It would be cool if Steven Wilson produced it.
    Maybe I'm just being extremely hopeful, but since John is producing a bit nowadays, I would think it would be really cool to get him involved in that.
    It would be awesome, but the stuff he produces is very...un-formulaic rock stuff. I love the RHCP more than anything, but I don't see that he would gain anything personally from producing a rock band, not judging by the stuff he's put out recently anyway.
    Ideally I'd love heavyish stuff like One Hot Minute but the likelihood of that happening is slim
    Exactly what I was thinking. As much as I loved the albums John was apart of, OHM had a certain amazing heaviness and darkness that Dave Navarro brought and I absolutely love that album, definitely one of my favorites. Josh has the potential to make an album with a similar feel. Maybe not dark, but still impacting. But, if you've ever heard his stuff with Ataxia, he could definitely bring a mysterious darkness to RHCP which would be interesting to say the least.
    can't wait. the reason i believe josh didn't stand out as much was due to him being new in the band. he let everyone carry on as they would without over stepping his boundaries as a musician and newly bandmate. i think he will come more into his own on this album.
    I agree. He's done a bunch of touring with them the last few years, and I'm sure I'd be quite intimidated to record with those guys too. I think Josh is a great fit for the band, and I think I'm With You was a bit "safe" and it had songs that were overtly poppy and not as artistic as I was hoping. I see greater things in the future as these guys get more used to Josh and more comfortable with him and vice versa.
    There's evidence of this already. If you compare any of their recent gigs like Isle of Wight this year to his sloppy early gigs with the band, he's really grown into the part over the last few years. IWY wasn't bad, but it was uneven and that's understandable, but the next one I expect will be much more solid
    I hope this album is super funky I'm so excited for this album, I really hope they take their sound in a new direction. Same amount of bass as IWY, but twice as much guitar. I have faith in Josh, I know he can change the minds of all the non-believers. Also, as much as I liked Mauro, I prefer Chad as the only percussionist.
    Been a massive fan forever but I'm With You isn't an album I return to often if at all. Raindance Maggie still has groove but songs which I enjoyed when I first listened are just cheesy The demos they released on vinyl afterwards were pretty bad. Like it wasn't god awful I can't let my ears go through this bad but they were so boring and that's a word the RHCP have ever been to me, they have been frantic punkers, sleazy funkers, hard rockers, and then pop song enthusiasts with melancholy, a bit of bombast with Stadium but now it's like they're too old and need to mellow and do something different but a rock/funk band to me isn't the best outlet. Kiedis is too old for sleazy lyrics and he's not clever enough to branch for me, Fleas solo album is musically more interesting and look at John Frusciantes solo work now, may not be for you but he's being incredibly fulfilled and creative.
    still seeing comments like "waiting for frusciante to come back" or "this band sucks without john" (not so much in this comment section i'll add but still seeing this come up)Frusciante is in a world of his own, and Klinghoffer doesn't have to go out of his way to sound like him. Its been nearly six years since frusciante left the band and he's not coming back so lets drop it
    Thank you. Frusciante is my favorite musician, and I'd be one of the first ones to hear a Peppers album with him, but it's like waiting for a Guns N' Roses reunion... Probably not going to happen
    I just know that josh will be a lot greater on the next album, im pretty sure josh didnt felt so comfortable to replace such an amazing guitartist like john but as you can see on their shows josh got a lot better at playing these songs and really puts his own style in this band, so im pretty sure that in this album josh will be dominant
    I'm a huge peppers fan but I find it almost impossible to get excited about any of their releases without John. Josh's guitar playing was so incredibly average on the last record I think I could've done a better job, I know its a dick thing to say but I've seen other players on YT emulate John's playing style very well. Also, Josh's guitar tone sounded so cheap and lacked the flair that's John's rig had.
    Josh deserved better credit on the album. He did some really clever stuff and he has a unique style, especially with his pedals, but it was drowned out by the production.
    Josh deserved better credit on the album. He did some really clever stuff and he has a unique style, especially with his pedals, but it was drowned out by the production.
    He did. He had some really cool chord progressions that John doesn't do. I'll agree that his sound is quite muffled, but I think he's a good player. Take Goodbye Hooray for example. His riffs and solos are pretty good, but the song would be a lot more powerful if you could hear what he was playing
    the world doesn't need 30 more awful, regurgitated rhcp songs. please retire.
    matteo cubano
    if someone on a guitar website who goes by rabidgoon is saying you should retire on an article about you writing a new album you're probably doing something right
    Maybe you don't want them, but the millions of fans that RHCP has would say otherwise.