Rick Rubin On The New Black Sabbath Album: 'My Goal Is To Make Something I Can Listen To Forever'

The producer talks about working with metal legends on their forthcoming studio release.

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In the latest studio update on the new album recording sessions, metal legends Black Sabbath gave us a bit more of a detailed insight on what's been happening during the making of "13". The record itself is set for a June 10 release via Vertigo/Universal Records.

Producer Rick Rubin also got his chance to describe how it feels like to work with the band he's been a longtime fan of. And he seems to be rather excited.

"I've been a fan of Black Sabbath my whole life, and getting to come to work every day and hearing Black Sabbath play stimulates something in me just like when I was 14 years old. That same thing gets turned on and it's a really good feeling," says Rubin.

And the band is apparently satisfied with the producer as well. "He looks like a bit of a guru, but he knows what he's looking for and when he's satisfied with what he's got," stated the frontman Ozzy Osbourne.

The guitarist Tony Iommi thinks that Rubin is "looking for a raw Sabbath," adding that the band is searching for that as well. Group is looking fully confident in the producer, who is obviously aiming big, stating that he plans to make an album that will be ranked among the classics.

"They just want what's best and we're all sort of working together to find whatever works best for them. My goal is to make something really great that I can listen to forever, that's the whole heart of it. The idea that we're making an album that hopefully can sit alongside the best Black Sabbath albums is exciting, you know we've worn out the old ones. [Laughs] The idea that there's something new to listen to that really scratches that itch is very exciting," commented the producer.

As the first release with Ozzy on vocals in 35 years, "13" will also feature drummer Brad Wills of Rage Against The Machine who got hired for the recording process after the band's split with the original drummer Bill Ward over contract issues.

What makes the latest studio update stand out is the fact that it features snippets of several new songs you can hear throughout the whole video. As far as the live dates go, the group has recently confirmed a Toronto show on August 14 as the first North American concert date this year.

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    Brad Wilk's last name keeps getting misspelled worse and worse with each passing Black Sabbath article
    This just in: Rick Rubin to guest star on Duck Dynasty. He admits this is why he has maintained such a large beard.
    He has that one clump of hair on the top of his head that looks like a unicorn horn.....I couldn't even focus on what he was saying....
    matteo cubano
    I thought Rick Rubin usually doesn't even show up. Shows how big of a fan he is that he's actually there.
    I think his goal should be to make something that CAN be listened too. Without making or ears bleed at lease.
    "...which is to say it's gonna have a dynamic range of 1 dB and gives you tinnitus."
    If he F's this album up, he should crawl away and quit.... If not we should all bow down... i think we all agree it should sound very organic and almost like a recorded practice with the record button hit while the magic happens, Tony and Geezer know their tones and what sounds right. Hopefully there is not too much compression and studio bullshit added to final product!!
    Am I the only one who thought Ozzy sounded great in that clip? I didn't know whether or not he had it in him anymore, but he does.
    The whole band sound awesome, the riffs are really promising. Wasn't expecting much in the beginning but this video definitely got my excitement level way up
    That's what Rick Rubin looks like? A little heads up next time would be nice.. lmao.. xD
    Man...this sounds a whole lot better than what I was expecting. This album is gonna be epic.
    Yeah, make something HE can listen to forever. What about all of the other wonderful fans of Black Sabbath? I say let them do what they do to make us happy.. My opinion, of course Either way, I just love the fact that most of the band mates are back together, talking, and having fun doing what they're doing. That's all that really matters to me. Black Sabbath has always been my favorite band and I'm sure whatever they do will be great and please most of there fans. I just wish I could have seen them in their prime. I was born in the wrong era. Damn you, 1991! Haha
    Please don't call it Thirteen.... Being a big old school metal fan and a fan of Megadeth's Th1rt3en, It's going to be like which one of your fraternal twin children do you love the most?