Rick Rubin to Produce New Metallica Album?

Metallica praise his work on "Death Magnetic" and say he's a strong contender to return on their new album.

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Metallica could be set to return to producer Rick Rubin for their next album, because of his "great" work on 2008's "Death Magnetic."

Bassist Rob Trujillo was being interviewed about their short tour of South Africa last month when he described their recording schedule for the new Metallica album and their plans for picking a new producer:

"We've got to start getting our blueprints for songs together and make sure they're the best possible - and then we see what producers are available," he told Muse (via Blabbermouth). "We made a great album with Rick Rubin the last time - that's a strong possibility still. Obviously, there are no guarantees in anything in this day and age, but if there is a great producer, who has something to bring to Metallica, we will investigate it."

In the same interview, Trujillo expressed why international tours are so important to Metallica: "It is pretty special for us and that doesn't happen to every band on the planet. We're still lucky to be around and relevant in a lot of people's eyes."

He continued: "To look out in the crowd and see young kids out there, too: teenagers and kids, who were, like, 5 years old when we came out here last time, headbanging is really exciting."

Meanwhile, Metallica are preparing to release their innovative movie "Through the Never" which blends concert footage with a gripping story about a young crew member whose life is about to turn upside down. Watch the bombastic trailer here:

Would you like to see Rick Rubin return to the fold as producer? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    inb4 extreme compression and overly loud snare.
    I did love death magnetic though. It's just not as good as anything pre-load.
    Dr. Knox666
    Please team up with Flemming Rasmussen again! Andy Sneap would be a cool choice too.
    I'm not a huge fan of Andy Sneap's drum kit sound. They always sound the same, that kind of...overly-polished sound Then again, after the travesty that was Death Magnetic's drumming (not just the sound), maybe Sneap will tell Lars to play in time.
    cant stand rubins work
    Wait until you hear the new BS album
    Most of his work this decade is BS albums.
    ZZ Top wasn't bad, neither was the SOAD albums or the stuff with Johnny Cash. Or the Chili Peppers, or Slayer in the 80's If you're gonna judge all his work be Death Magnetic you need to stop, yes the dynamic range compression is bad, but it's still a good album.
    He meant Black Sabbath.
    lol, why are people downvoting this? I agree that the new Black Sabbath album was abysmal, but I'm guessing Scarto was saying that Rubin produced that.
    The new Black Sabbath album, abysmal?.. It hasn't leaked anywhere. You probably haven't even heard it.
    Don`t worry! I got it too: Hardwood took BS for BullShit, Scarto meant Black Sabbath. You`re the smart one here.....
    Can't stand reign in blood?
    What didn't you like, the content or the production? The production on RIB was in my mind absolutely perfect for a thrash album.
    I think he often gets credited for great albums that should honestly be credited to the bands themselves and not to him.
    Nooooo, bring back Bob Rock please!!! Said no one ever.
    Well, he wouldn't have allowed DM to be released sounding so badly
    a drummer
    This is true. The Black Album is one of the best sounding records ever IMO, everything is so audible. And Load through Garage sounded great as well, St. Anger..not so much, but still better sounding than DM. But completely agree with above: FLEMINGFLEMINGFLEMING
    The industry is more to blame for the issues with DM than Rubin, aparently he nurtures talent and gets a lot out of them guides them without making them feel like they are being pushed with the hands off approach. I hate the loudness war and Rubin releases are pretty bad for it, 'I'm with you' ,'Death Magnetic' being two memorable ones for me. I'd like it if he was able to step away from that he has enough influence to do so but record labels still believe loud mixes and masters sell better :/
    "Corey Taylor himself shared some less than glowing thoughts about the experience in an old Revolver interview, explaining: "I wouldn't know what it's like to work with Rick Rubin. I only saw him about four times. Rick Rubin is a nice man. He's done a lot of good for a lot of people. He didn't do anything for me. I'm not happy with the vocals on that record. There were a lot of takes that I thought were much better than the ones they ****in' used and I wasn't asked about a lot of shit. It sounds amazing; the songs are great. But we were being charged horrendous amounts of money. And for me, if you're going to produce something, you're ****ing there. I don't care who you are.""
    The loudness war isn't the issue at all. The issue is that DM was over-compressed. If I were Metallica, I'd can Rick Rubin.
    Worse than the compression was the horrible brick-wall limiting, which seems to have been mostly in mastering. The only version of that album I can listen to is a remastered version someone made from the guitar hero release.
    my biggest gripe was the clipping on the snare. after st. anger's criticism you'd think they'd at least do that right in the studio
    I agree with that, yeah. Brickwall limiters only should be used on bass guitars, and even that should be conservative.
    Metallica don't have to be on a record label.
    They actually do now, it's Blackened recordings or something like that, their contract with WB expired with Death Matgnetic
    Andy Sneap, he's got metal production down to a tee, just listen to production on The Formation of Damnation from Testament or Endgame from Megadeth, they sound clean but aggressive, powerful and still thrash like