Rise Against Releasing New Album 'The Black Market' Next Month

The album's first single, "I Don't Want To Be Here Anymore," will be available for digital download and streaming via digital subscription services next Tuesday (June 10).

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Rise Against announced the release of their seventh album, titled "The Black Market," which will hit the stores on July 15, 2014.

The album's first single, "I Don't Want to Be Here Anymore," will be available for digital download and streaming via digital subscription services next Tuesday (June 10), Radio.com reports.

While the full song hasn't surfaced as of yet, a portion of the track plays out over the teaser announcement. For those interested, you can check out their post with the trailer below.

"Rise Against has always been a political band, but also a personal band," said frontman Tim McIlrath in a release. "We've always had songs that have a foot in both worlds. This album is a lot more introspective to me."

Last year the Chicago-based punk band released a rarities and greatest hits album titled "Long Forgotten Songs, B-Side & Covers 2000-2013." Among the album's classic covers are Springsteen's "Ghost of Tom Joad," Dylan's "Ballad of Hollis Brown," Nirvana's "Sliver," and Journey's "Any Way You Want It."

Rise Against are scheduled to play several shows in support of "The Black Market" including performances at all three Riot Fests in Toronto, Chicago and Denver, the Made In America festival in Los Angeles and Aftershock Festival in Sacramento.

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    For a second there I thought there is some band called Rise, who is for some reason against releasing their own album.
    My expectations were even higher - I read the title as "Rage Against The Machine Releasing New Album "
    Hopefully theyll have a sweet tour for this. Ill try to catch them at Riot Fest too.
    Would be appropriate if the album was only available on the black market and black market sites...
    Well... if you really want to, download it for free using illegal sites. I'm just so glad that they're releasing a new album very soon (they seem to just keep getting better).
    Not as aggressive sounding as their usual releases. Not bad though. We'll see, either way I'm excited for new RA.
    I saw them last year and man these guys radiate with positive energy!
    eak... Good news for new music... I doubt it will top the last album though; that was a 'stars aligned' piece of modern punk brilliance... Wish more bands would follow suit and write music about 'something' real.
    These guys always have a great blend of punk intensity and wider mainstream appeal... I generally listen to heavier punk nowadays but RA will always have a place in my music library.
    One of my favorite bands since I started high school. Can't wait for these four days to go by.
    I can't listen to the track at the moment, but I'm REALLY hoping this isn't as cookie cutter as their recent releases have been. Personally Siren Songs will never be matched in my book, great band though, especially live. I just want some variation please!!!