Rise Against Tease New Album for 2014

Seventh studio album by the band is on the way.

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Rise Against have headed online to tease the fact that the band is back in the studio working on a new album for 2014, Loudwire reports.

The teaser starts off with the year 2001 and proceeds to count down each year in which they released albums with snippets from the big songs from those records before finally hitting 2014, followed by the words "New Album." A quick shot of a guitar being struck, followed immediately by a wide shot of the individual band members sitting around the studio and concluding with the words "Coming Soon" suggests that the wheels are currently turning on new music.

Rise Against have been one of the hardest working bands over the past decade-plus. The group began with 2001's "The Unraveling," then released five more albums over the course of 10 years. The group caught their first breather after the tour support for 2011's "Endgame," but remained in the public eye with their B-sides and rarities collection, "Long Forgotten Songs," which arrived last September.

To see Rise Against's new album teaser, check out their Facebook post below:

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    A lot of Rise Against fans complain about them being more mainstream, but they're doing an excellent job of using their fame to spread the same messages they've promoted since the beginning.
    IMO, Rise Against are one of those bands that have managed to develop their sound while keeping their old sound. And it's good to have bands that talk sense in their lyrics, makes it easier to listen to, unlike Attilla ;p
    Yeah, the evolution of their sound shows especially during gigs, even the new songs kick ass. Which unfortunately they didn't do that well on the last album thanks to Stevenson messing up the mix. Still a killer ones live though.
    News on UG that isn't Nirvana, Metallica, or Dave Mustaine? This is madness! Kidding aside, I love Rise Against and look forward to this album.
    FK yeah!!! I know some people say that their recent album wasn't that great, but, in my opinion, Rise Against just keeps getting better. So psyched for this new album!
    New Rise Against, Foo Fighters, and Muse album this year! awesome
    they need to go on another tour together. rise against opened for foo fighters a year or two ago and I DIDN'T GO! what was i thinking?!
    I'm totally stoked. Rise against is my favorite band. Too bad the only time I've seen them live I was completely hammered.
    I've seen them twice, and both times were awful; you're probably better off for having seen them drunk. Amazing band,not so great live.
    Saw them headline Ramfest in South-Africa last year. and they were amazing. improvising onstage, great presence. Walked past their sound check and when they saw a crowd was beginning to form they said hi and played three songs.
    Rock AM Ring 2010 was a great performance live, though I see what you mean. One of their Reading performances was a bit off: harmonies sung were off, badly. But this would be the case for most bands surely, some live performances will be great, others not so great. That's the trouble of it being live. Just saying...
    To be fair, I don't think it was really their fault the shows were bad, it was more the fact that I couldn't hear the music, it was all just loud noise and people shouting.
    They've kinda been on the decline since The Sufferer and The Witness, but they're still talented and are a good mainstream representative of hardcore punk so hopefully this is a step up from Endgame
    A lot of people are driven away by this, but I like the softer style that they started to tap into with Endgame. I love Tim's screaming as much as the next guy, but I also thought Wait For Me was just beautiful.
    3rd album with same lead guitaris in a row, that's not very Rise Against
    matteo cubano
    everyone of those clips sounded exactly the same
    May I suggest you have ear surgery? Your ears obviously suck.
    matteo cubano
    obviously i hear differences, but nothing seems to separate their albums from each other, though they have improved in terms of musicianship. i get all their songs confused with each other and I have 2 or 3 of their albums because I enjoy the angst yet catchy choruses and riffs every once and a while, but I really hope to see a different approach to how the style of this album
    There's definitely distinctions in between all their albums, and with their recent albums, I'm not sure how you can't tell the differences. But for the earlier albums I can see why you'd say that. I used to listen to them a lot, so it's probably easier for me to see the differences.
    But, in all due fairness, these are clips, not the entire songs. Perhaps the songs will sound different to the stuff they've made before in your opinion. You can't really say that this album is going to sound the same, just by going on clips.
    Eh. I haven't been psyched on them since Siren Song. Of you wanna hear a great punk band that keeps getting better with each album listen to A Wilhelm Scream.
    There's a 50/50 chance of it being brilliant or shit. I haven't been taken with Rise Against since Siren Song (which I thought was brilliant) so if they could go back to that type of sound, that'd be great. But if it goes the way of Endgame and The Sufferer and the Witness...
    You don't like The Sufferer but didn't mention anything about Appeal to Reason?