Rise Against To Record New Album After Hiatus

Rise Against will be taking a break from touring and plans to begin work on their next album after "recharging" a bit.

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Rise Against will be taking a break from touring and plans to begin work on their next album after "recharging" a bit. Vocalist Tim McIlrath spoke to Rolling Stone about their plans, which come off a two year stretch of touring in support of Endgame in 2011. He said this:

"We're kind of focusing on recharging our batteries right now. We've been a band for 12 years. We've been hitting it hard and looking at this band like a marathon, not a sprint. We realize we need to invest time into our music and our songs, as well as invest time into ourselves, our lives, so I think for the next few months that's what we'll be doing - getting away from it so we get a better perspective on what we want to do and what we want to accomplish when we sit down to write the next record.

"Our favorite bands had only sold 10,000 records while playing punk dives, and that was what we aspired to. So when we outgrew the punk dives we were kind of in uncharted territory, So we had to figure out how to navigate those waters and still keep our identity."

As of right now, the band's sole confirmed performance for 2013 is an appearance at Belgium's Groezrock Festival in April alongside Bad Religion, AC4, Grade and many others.

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    You mean to tell me you like some of a bands material but not all of it? Wow, what a ****ing tragedy. Every band grows and changes. You guys sit here and criticize them for not sounding like RPM, but if they were still making albums that sounded like the unraveling and RPM you guys would criticize them for staying the same. I like they're new stuff personally, but if you don't like it then don't listen to it. It's that simple.
    Finally UG has posted a story about Rise Against. This is a great band that does NOT get enough attention on here.
    i hope they let go a bit of the whole melodic appeal to reason/endgame style and go back to rpm or siren song
    Agree to this, three first albums are definitely the best, although The Unraveling's sound could have been better (but that's thanks to engineer who ****ed it up). I miss pieces like Torches or Black Masks and Gasoline, things like Satellite and Re-Education surely are damn powerful, but too polished, too radio-friendly. Me wanna old RA.
    rpm and siren song were great, two of my favourites from growing up. i liked appeal to reason though, maybe some maturing in their sound. but endgame definitely didnt do it for me. id love to see them get back to the other two, more of a hardcore and aggressive style
    I didn't realize there was so much hate for Endgame.... It took a little longer than the average Rise Against album to grow on me, but now I like it a lot. The song Satellite alone makes the album worth listening to
    Endgame was great IMO. To me the riffs seemed a bit harder at times. Zach has a different style than what Chris and Tim were going with and through my first listen I thought, "is this really Rise Against?" For me it was different, but not in a bad way. I've enjoyed everyone of their albums, and they are amazing live.
    Just to go against the grain, Endgame is their best album in my opinion. Very much looking forward to what's next.
    I honestly like all their albums. I knew the comments on this would just be a "I hate Endgame because it's not punk enough" fest.
    I don't understand all the hate against Endgame. I thought it was great! But it's pretty typic for UG commenters to say a band's last album sucked compared to older stuff anyways.
    One of my favourite bands, hope they come back better than ever after a well-deserved break!
    Not going to lie, but Endgame was my type of album, their older stuff just doesn't appeal to me. Broken Mirrors was such a tune!
    Agreed. I like TS&TW and Siren Song....but their last two albums are for sure the reason why Rise Against is one of my favorite bands. I love that they write good songs about politics and life concepts. Just my type of band. I'm not much into punk.
    Exciting news. Loved all their earlier albums and enjoyed Appeal to Reason but found Endgame a bit of a drag. The songs recently seem a little bit too punk-rock by numbers and the production has been almost too polished, which is great for radio stations but makes a whole album dull to listen to. Hopefully the next release will be more balls-in-your-face and rough round the edges - I think Sufferer and The Witness got the balance right between a raw hardcore sound and some sort of production value. If the new album starts off with something as powerful as Chamber the Cartridge I'll be ecstatic, if not I'm sure I'll still enjoy it for a while and then go back to the older stuff and wait for whatever comes next.
    Rise Against is one of those bands that I never have anything bad to say about, it seems. I've heard all of their albums at least partly and my favorite is TSATW. It's got a great balance of melody and hardcore punk vibes. TSOTCC is really great too. I'll probably enjoy whatever they put out, but if they make an album that can relate most to TSATW I will be ecstatic.
    I really liked Endgame, and it's probably the first album from the "melodical hardcore" (?) thing that I enjoyed in my life. Something's wrong with me I guess.
    I didn't like Endgame at all. Let's hope this new one turns out better.
    Really? I loved it, it was a lot better than appeal to reason.
    I agree rjaylaf. Appeal to Reason just didn't sit right with me. I prefer Endgame over it due to the messages it puts out
    natural and expressive is the correct avenue for these guys, some albums have it some dont. but as a punk fan it would be less punk to try and recreate their original ahrdcore sound as opposed to evolving and growing. its called life, folks
    Joshua Garcia
    My ultimate fantasy: to have all the RA members record an album where they just rub the mic up and down all over their bodies. The sounds of their bodies... In my ears.... Mmmmm...
    Love the The Unraveling to Suffer and the Witness, Appeal To Reason wasn't bad, and I didn't really bother to listen to Endgame, I only gave it a listen or two. I hope their next album goes back a little more to their roots, Rise Against used to be amazing!
    I thought all their albums were atleast good, I found the earlier albums to be better than the later albums. For the new album I would want to hear some new sounds, maybe experiment more.
    I like all there albums but Endgame got the fewest plays on my ipod. I know the name of the band is Rise Against but I hope lyrically they are more diverse on the next album and include some relationship songs like the "The Approaching Curve"
    Try releasing an album that isn't whinecore, and you'll be back on the map. Endgame was awful. RPM was their last *great* record, and TSATW was decent, but the last two albums were horrible.
    wth does whinecore mean? and TSATW was awesome. my favorite record from them at least...
    I'd say since Zach Blair joined on lead guitar (appeal to reason - present) the songs have been pretty bland. Not necessarily bad, just a touch boring/safe. I'd say these guys have pretty much left their 'underground sound' behind them for good.
    I feel the exact opposite. I think they've gotten less afraid/safe over the years. Have you seen the music video for Hero of War? If not, it's easily the most provocative and "in your face" they've ever been. But, bottom line, Rise Against is still the flagship band of modern punk music, and they're doing a great job.
    Why???? Why would they bother with another album when so much of there music sounds the same
    Well duh their music sounds the same. Its exactly what people like about them. If they came out with a Katy Perry song would you be happy then? I mean, then it wont be the same.
    To be honest I think they should concentrate more on their pop elements. Songs like The Dirt Whispered and Audience Of One are the only ones that stood out to me on the last TWO albums!
    They suck live anyway. glad they decided to stop for a little bit.
    Have you seen them live, cause I've seen Muse and the Foos and they are definately up there
    One of the best bands I've ever seen live so maybe they were blitzed out when you saw them... or you were blitzed out. The latter seems more likely.
    I have liked all of their albums with the exception that i barely listen to the unraveling. Can't wait for the next album. They are my favorite band.
    Glad to hear they're taking some time off. I thought Endgame was a fairly decent effort - much more so than I felt Appeal to Reason was. Still, nothing could ever touch Revolutions per Minute or their first four albums IMO. Hopefully this break gives them the time they need to comeback with a truly amazing release!
    I'm sure I read somewhere that Tim McIlrath said they learned a lot from covering The Balled of Hollis Brown, they discovered that they didn't have to play fast music to be heavy. He said that's an idea that may influence their next album. Could be interesting
    id like to hear more of the sound they had when they covered ballad of hollis brown,loved that one
    ALl their albums have been great and every song with a great message, if you think they've had a terrible album and call yourself a fan you need to have your ears checked.
    I think the best part of being a fan of a band is seeing the progression and maturation. To all of you who want them to release the same stuff they already have, I hope we can see eye to eye one day
    The Unraveling - good old RA. Revolutions per Minute - Perfect album without a single bad song. Siren Song of the Counter Culture - Another perfect album with ZERO bad songs. The Sufferer and the Witness - Yet another perfect rock album full of fcking good songs. Appeal to Reason - Nowhere near perfect with only few good songs. Endgame - Back to good RA although not back to good old RA
    They are also playing RAMfest in South-Africa on the 8th of March...
    I liked Zach more in Only Crime. But Rise Against's three first albums are great. RPM being by far my favorite. I don't think they'll ever go back to playing fast melodic punk songs again.