Rob Halford Talks New Judas Priest Record: 'We Need to Get Back Into the Groove of Metal'

"Heavy riffs and screaming vocals" are what the band is looking for, says metal gods' frontman.

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Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford recently said that although the group's latest record "Nostradamus" was a "wonderful achievement," the metal gods need to get back to what they know best - "the groove of metal, heavy riffs, and screaming vocals."

During an interview with Guitar International, the singer discussed the upcoming Priest release alongside guitarist Richie Faulkner, commenting that although not much details can be revealed, the record is definitely well under way.

According to Halford, the new album will be "full of Priest tradition and heritage," which is just what the metal five-piece needs to make after the previous record.

"'Nostradamus' was a wonderful achievement but it had a different emotional texture," the frontman started. "We need to get back into the groove of metal, heavy riffs, and screaming vocals - all the classic elements of the band. We are not going retro. We know the type of music we need to play."

The vocalist also discussed the recording process and the studio atmosphere, saying, "It's fun and thrilling when the three of us get together to write. We will be in the studio listening to a take, and then in the background we hear Richie noodling on the guitar. I'll go, 'What the f--k is that, Richie? What are you playing?' and he re-creates it. We then send him in to record it. That's the infectious side of how music works. Whenever I hear somebody else from any of the metal bands, I'm instantly inspired. I hear notes and melodies. It's like a trigger; that's what happens in your own world."

As for the release date, Halford has roughly estimated that the album "can optimistically be finished at the end of this year." Therefore, we might be looking at a tentative early 2014 release.

Apart from the new studio effort, which is "shaping up really well" according to the latest reports, Judas Priest are also set to release a new live album within a matter of days. Titled "Epitaph," it will drop on May 28, consisting of at least one song from each of the group's classic albums.

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    I firmly believe Halford is one of the greatest guys in metal, he never says anything silly, full of ego or controversial for the sake of it, he's just honest and awesome and loves to make music.
    Hopefully they will make a Painkiller style album.
    Agree, all Priest albums are awesome, but Painkiller is their best when it comes to full out "Priest style Heavy Metal"
    Really liked Nostradamus. Haven't been paying attention to metal lately, I thought Priest was done after that last farewell tour?
    They have clearly stated that it was a farewell of the long tours, they will still be making albums and playing some dates but nothing like 18 months world tours
    Really glad to be seeing Judas Priest make another album, and Rob Halford usually lives up to his word, would love to hear another Painkiller or British Steel style album, but new JP in general is amazing already.
    Question is: can he do the screams? I don't mean to trash talk, but recent live videos lead to believe otherwise.