Robb Flynn: What Can You Expect From the New Machine Head Album

"Catharsis" coming your way in January.

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Robb Flynn: What Can You Expect From the New Machine Head Album

Frontman Robb Flynn talked about Machine Head's upcoming album "Catharsis" - due out in January - saying during a recent live stream (via The PRP):

"Lower your expectations for the heaviness, lower your expectations for the speed.

"If [2007's] 'The Blackening' was us at our most thrashing and aggressive, this is probably the most melodic and the most grooving we've been.

"There's little thrashy bits here and there and it's heavy, but it is a very groovin', rocking melodic record.

"I'm telling you that, because I don't want everybody to think that we're dropping fucking 'Reign in Blood.'

"And I could tell you that if I wanted to, I could make motherfuckers think that we were dropping the heaviest 29 minutes of music ever, but this isn't.

"And I want to be realistic with you and I want to be honest with you. It's very melodic... For no reason in particular we just decided to write some groovin', melodic songs and it's fucking good man.

"A lot of the songs are shorter. We got a couple of epics - of course we have to have a Machine Head epic, or two, or three.

"I think it's going to have two or three songs that are absolutely instant, and I think there's gonna be quite a few songs that people on first listen are gonna be like, 'Hmmm, I don't know about this.'

"And in a month, or two months, it's gonna be, 'That's some fucking good shit man.'"

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    Nothing wrong with trading thrash for melody, just as long as it's not at the quality of "Is There Anybody Out There?", because frankly, that song is dull.
    That song was forced in every conceivable way and it shows. Just bad writing.
    Just don't start crying on the internet like a little bitch if Phil Anselmo says anything about it like last time
    That wasn't the whole beef with Phil, that was just another example of Phil in that case being a narrow minded spacker.
    And Flynn taking himself seriously, and talking like he was a representant of the metalhead community, which is not the case.
    hope its got the depth of burning red and supercharger(lyricly not vocally), with the musicianship of the blackening. "game over" kind of stuff. their best song in a while IMHO, gives me chills every time.
    These guys look like they have been in the desert for couple of years. Very dusty.
    A bit disappointed with this. After anybody out there and bloodstone and diamond I was excited, but now...ugh
    Are you a one dimensional human being? Are you that boring? Do you like being bashed over the head with the same object repeatedly? It's good they are challenging themselves to try something other than the norm.
    Im sorry my opinions n offended you so much. But chill the fuck out
    You realize that changing the sound is what brough MachineHead to Through The Ashes, Locust, The Blackening, etc...
    Hey we might get another Through the Ashes of Empires man that'd be sweet, not a fan of their post Blackening style at all. 
    Yeah me too. I only really liked 2 songs on Unto The Locust, one of which was the Judas Priest cover and the other being This is the End, and I didn't really have a song that stuck with me on Bloodstone...not to say all of the other songs were bad, but just kinda not memorable.  Through the Ashes of Empires is a killer album, and I actually quite like Is There Anybody Out There, even though some people may be averse to its nu-metal tendencies.
    Oh my, an album that isn't going to be for everyone? That's new. People need to relax. Not liking a record isn't fatal.
    Oreman V Death
    the moment you realize that it's already been 3 years since bloodstone and still seems like yesterday... epic album, epic machine head, never cease to amaze, can't wait for 'Catharsis', i'm going in with an open mind and attitude for their music. \m/
    Aw man, I was hoping for another album similar to "The Blackening". Regardless, I still look forward to the new release!