Robert Plant Announces New Album

artist: Robert Plant date: 06/04/2010 category: new releases
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Robert Plant Announces New Album
Former Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant recently announced the release date for his new album. Taking its name from a blues band that Plant was in before his Dancing Days with Zeppelin, the album is titled Band Of Joy and will be released internationally on September 13, according to Plant said that he recorded "24 songs in 15 days" for Band Of Joy, which ended up with 12 tracks. "The enthusiasm and rebirth of everybody involved was phenomenal," he said. "It stretched us all." "Us" likely includes singer-songwriter Patty Griffin, who contributed vocals to the album, and the multi-talented Buddy Miller, who co-produced the release and also plays guitar on it. The album is said to be similar in tone to Plant's 2007 Americana collaboration with Alison Krauss, Raising Sand. And Plant will take his new Band Of Joy (including Griffin and Miller) on the road this summer for a 12-date July tour that begins in Memphis, TN, and ends in Miami, FL. For more information, visit Robert Plant, Band Of Joy track list: 01. Angel Dance 02. House Of Cards 03. Central Two-O-Nine 04. Silver Rider 05. You Can't Buy my Love 06. I'm Falling In Love Again 07. The Only Sound That Matters 08. Monkey 09. Cindy, I'll Marry You One Day 10. Harms Swift Way 11. Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down 12. Even This Shall Pass Away Thanks for the report to
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