Robert Plant 'Ready To Write New Material'

artist: Robert Plant date: 01/28/2011 category: new releases
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Robert Plant has spent the past five years of his career covering a number of gospel, blues and country standards from the great American songbook. Now, for the first time since 2005's Mighty Rearranger album, the former Led Zeppelin front man says that he is ready to start writing new original material. What's more, he'll be doing it with his latest incarnation of The Band Of Joy. In an interview with Pulse of the Radio, Plant expressed his desire to write some new tracks: "It's all very well celebrating other people's song writing, and I know there are other artists who have had an entire career [playing covers] whether it be Elvis or Sinatra, or a lot of the country artists who never write. But we've got to be heading that way soon." The current version of the Band of Joy is related to Plant's pre-Zeppelin group with drummer John Bonham in name only. The group's current line up includes Patty Griffin, Byron House, Marco Giovino and co-producer Buddy Miller. Their 2010 self titled album was released in September of that year and debuted at #5 on the Billboard album charts. The news that Robert Plant will be collaborating once again with the Band of Joy will come as a disappointment to those fans hoping for the singer to reunite, either with Led Zeppelin, or with country singer Alison Krauss. In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Plant recently described the prospect of working again with Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones as a pain in the pisser. While the front man attempted recording a follow-up album to his critically acclaimed 2007 duet with Krauss Raising Sand, he has indicated in interview that these sessions were ultimately unsuccessful.
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