Robert Plant To Release New Solo Album

artist: Robert Plant date: 02/12/2010 category: new releases
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Robert Plant To Release New Solo Album
According to, Led Zeppelin legend Robert Plant has set "It's Rude To Say No" as the tentative title of his new solo album, due later this year. The CD is reportedly being produced by Buddy Miller at a studio in Nashville and will feature a guest appearance by singer-songwriter Darrell Scott, "who played such instruments as mandolin and glockenspiel" on the album. He is one of a few key players in a tight-knit band appearing on the record. Scott says of working with Plant: "Those two-plus weeks were some of the most memorable times I've ever had in the studio. The number one thing is that Robert loves music. "You think they're posing and just getting through it, but I was humbled with how Robert Plant loved the music old country, blues, rockabilly..." Read more from Thanks for the report to
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