Roger Waters Working on First Rock Record in Two Decades

"I finished a demo of it last night," explains Pink Floyd co-founder.

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Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters announced the recording of his first new rock record in over two decades, sharing details about a "songs and theater" effort. "I finished a demo of it last night," Waters told Rolling Stone about 1992's "Amused to Death" follow-up. "It's 55 minutes long. It's songs and theater as well. I don't want to give too much away, but it's couched as a radio play. It has characters who speak to each other, and it's a quest. It's about an old man and a young child trying to figure out why they are killing the children." The bassist also expressed uncertainty about promoting new material one the current "The Wall" tour. The massively successful trek grossed a staggering figure of over $458 million as Roger and the crew took the stage 219 at arenas and stadiums around the planet. "I'm suffering a little bit of withdrawal after ending 'The Wall' tour," Waters explained. "It's sort of a relief to not have to go out and do that every night, but they're such a great team. There were 180 of us together everyday. That piece was very moving every night." "I can't top that tour," he added. "First of all, you have to accept the fact that I'm not going to live forever. I'm 70 years old. You just have to accept that when you do something as enormous as that tour. The hardest thing in the world is thinking of something to do, so going and doing it is a reward in itself." During the rest of the chat, Waters named Istanbul fans as the loudest crowd, saying that it felt "like the roof was coming off, even though there was no roof" as the audience sang classic track "Hey You" with him.

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    "It's about an old man and a young child trying to figure out why they are killing the children." I'm in.
    Thrice Capades
    Can't wait, mostly because Waters is neither senile nor washed up. He's a great song writer. And hating on anything Pink Floyd is basically showing your vast lack of musical knowledge. Oh...hey nicholsonisgod...didn't see ya there.
    1.) Pink Floyd was much more than just Roger Waters. Without Gilmours voice, guitar licks and HIS songwriting ability as well (not to mention Sid Barret) this discussion would not even be taking place ....Waters is also possibly the most self absorbed/self important musician I have ever heard speak in my life.....
    Joey Radical
    have you heard The Final Cut by Pink Floyd? It's pretty much a Roger Waters solo album. And it's way better than the wall. Gilmour and the rest were very important to Pink Floyd as well, it wouldn't have been the same without them. But that doesn't mean Waters couldn't pull off a kickass solo album. Same goes for Gilmour, or even Richard Wright (in heaven, obviously).
    'And hating on anything Pink Floyd is basically showing your vast lack of musical knowledge.' Look at this for bitterness and pseudo-intelligence lmao. Not everyone in this world has a log jammed up the ass about music, sorry. I don't care what Pink Floyd or Roger Waters have done to music, they sound like shit to me. That does not make me any less intelligent in music than someone who adores this excuse for a band and this senile rockstar like you.
    Thrice Capades
    At least you got the quote right. If you can't admit that Pink Floyd, who isn't even in my top 20 favorite bands, is INSANELY talented then you don't have much credibility. Now if you'll excuse me, my puppy just walked in the door and I feel like she and I can have a more constructive conversation about music than this moronic excuse for intelligence. Oh...sorry...pseudo-intelligence.
    Even if you don't like them, being unable to admit their talent DOES make you ignorant. I don't much care for The Clash, but they also had a huge impact on music and I respect that.
    During the rest of the chat, Waters named Istanbul fans as the loudest crowd, saying that it felt "like the roof was coming off, even though there was no roof" as the audience sang classic track "Hey You" with him. When I read such articles about an Islamic country, I'm always a little encouraged that things will work out in the end. We have at least a little common ground, despite politics and religion trying to tell us otherwise. Jesus says "Screw religion! Become a disciple of Pink Floyd instead!"
    To be fair, Turkey is one of the only politically secular Islamic nations. It isn't even normally counted as an Arab state. Had this happened in Algeria or Jordan, I would have been a lot more surprised.
    Just so you know, Arab is an ethnicity and Turkey's population is predominantly Turkic and Kurdish who are different ethnicities. Hence, not an Arab country and constitutionally a secular state.
    Oh my ****ing god, This is a dream come true!
    > username is TheFinalCutter > profile pic is of Dark Side's cover > jizzing pants for new Roger Waters album *smiles*
    why the downvotes, I didn't mean that negatively at all. It's just nice to see another big Pink Floyd fan excited for this. I guess I came across as a dick though, sorry.
    The Wall is one of the best shows I've ever seen.
    Which one was better? Just asking, I seriously can't imagine better show. I've seen Muse two live gigs (Resistance and 2nd Law tours) and even considering that they always had top-notch audiovisual shows they still couldn't beat The Wall. EDIT: WTF, nevermind. Forget about that question.
    Rush and Porcupine Tree are the shows up there for me. I've seen Rush more times than I can count, most recently last September. They bring it every time.
    Saw it in September and it was the best gig I've been to, and I've been to loads over the years.
    Either that or Tool on the 10k Days tour would be my favorite. Visually, Roger wins hands-down, though. He had like a seperate projector for each brick on that wall; every time one was added, it was suddenly part of the projection. Mind blowing.
    Agreed, I've seen it twice. It was something I never thought I would get to see in my lifetime as I was only seven when The Wall came out. If you don't think Roger can write, just listen to The Division Bell where he had no input, its awful.
    What? Division Bell is pretty great album. Not as good as Dark Side of the Moon or The Wall but still... It have many good solos and one of my fauvorite Pink Floyd's lyrics.
    Needs more Floyd. But seriously. Sounds interesting and I might have to check it out. Any word on a new Gilmour album?
    personally, i'd like to see something like radio k.a.o.s. but i don't think that'll happen
    Cool show, dramatically overpriced by threefold at least
    Overpriced? I paid 30€ to see one of my idols perform my all-time favorite album in its entirety! I'd gladly pay 4 times more to have that chance again! The only thing bad about Roger's tour was the sudden realization that most gigs I'd be going after that would never top it, absolutely brilliant.
    ZOSO <(")
    No matter how many times I see this stage it still blows my mind that it's real. Pink Floyd, and the wall being such a huge inspiration for me it's just indescribable to see. Just beautiful.
    Yaaaay! Too bad it's probably going to suck because Waters is a senile washed up rockstar. And a terrible songwriter.
    Dude every post I've been on I've seen you b!tch. You need some positivity in your life.