Roger Waters Writing New Concept Album

The man behind "The Wall" is writing a brand new concept album which tackles religious extremism from the perspective of God.

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Roger Waters has revealed plans to write a new concept album, currently titled "Heartland".

The former Pink Floyd bassist had been writing the new record during lunch breaks on The Wall tour that ended in July. The idea came from a song he wrote over 15 years ago for a "really, really bad movie" called "Michael". So far, he's only discussed one untitled song which tackles religious extremism.

"I'll tell you what the first line is - I haven't told anyone else, and I may be sticking my head too far above the parapet," said Waters, "but the first line is, 'If I had been God...'"

Waters says he is determined to make another album, and this song has become a platform for him to do that. "It provides a cornerstone and a core idea for me to write a new album about," he told Rolling Stone. "I'm sort of obsessed with the idea that religious extremism is a maligned factor in most of our lives."

Soon, Waters will perform alongside wounded war veterans. Eight soldiers and three Marines will join him for three songs at a "Stand Up For Heroes" benefit concert at the Beacon Theatre. "I'm really proud to be working with them," he said.

Are you excited about news of a brand new Waters album? What is your favorite piece of music by him? Let us know in the comments.

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    Personally, I'm not a fan of The Final Cut or anything he's done since Floyd. He needs Dave just as much as Dave needs him. The best Floyd albums were when they were working together (Meddle-WYWH) and not just doing their own thing (Animals, Wall). I'm still excited for it, but not nearly as excited as I would be if he was working on new stuff with Nick and Dave.
    They're great together but I think Gilmour is the better songwriter - his solo stuff is outstanding, while Waters' solo stuff is just so-so. I look forward to anything from either of them though, because they both have the ability, if not the probability, to make a brilliant album.
    Dave's solo stuff is pretty good, but Floyd after Waters left was not. I can't even tell you the last time I listened to Momentary Lapse of Reason. Division Bell has a couple of good tracks on it, but nothing outstanding. I think that Dave is better by himself than Roger is, but they still need each other to do the kind of amazing stuff they were doing in the early 70s. Roger needs Dave's musicality, and Dave needs Roger's direction and lyrics.
    PF was far greater than the sum of its parts, no doubt, but I think all things considered Gilmour far outshines Waters individually. Now, Gilmour has a few pretty inane post-Waters songs but I think most of his work is great. I think the worst of Gilmour's post-Waters stuff are the ones where he tries to write like Waters and get some message across and doesn't pull it off - the couple of tracks about environmentalism for example.
    PF fell apart when Waters got more interested in preaching than making amazing music. What made Meddle through WYWH so incredible was the way the music and lyrics complemented eachother and paced themselves throughout the whole album. There are some mind-blowing musical moments, and some of the most impactful lyrics you'll find anywhere, but at no point is it ever "in your face" as one might say. That's where it started to fall apart - I really like Animals but there you can see the disconnect between Waters and Gilmour - Waters starts getting a little over the top messagey and Gilmour just plays his guitar when in between and it doesn't have nearly the same flow, and that never came back.
    Ace Carson
    When I saw the picture I thought: "Why in the hell Richard Gere took that guitar for?"
    Haha I think it's funny that the first line is "if i had been god..." because he had a little god complex during the later years of pink floyd. But im really excited for this love most of his work inside and outside of pink floyd.
    I can't wait to hear this. His solo music has been so-so but I can never give up on the guy wrote "The Wall" and "The Final Cut" and so many great songs with Pink Floyd.
    Most of his post Floyd stuff is ok at best. Amused to Death being the best of the bunch. Without a guitar player/co-writer, Rogers sound is lacking any identifiable elements.
    "The idea came from a song he wrote over 15 years ago for a "really, really bad movie" called Michael." Does anyone else actually remember when this John Travolta movie came out?
    Ya, Travolta played this slobby, walk around in his underwear, Archangel named Michael. I didn't think it was that bad, it had some funny moments...besides, they all pile in the station wagon for a road trip accompanied by the great CCR song "Up Around the Bend"...
    I remember that crappy movie. My mom thought it was sad. I think she liked it.
    yes! cant wait to hear it. i seen the wall tour live in indianapolis this year and my brain still isnt back to its natural state. Mind = blown. I will never be able to see a concert and say "wow! that was the best show ive ever seen!!" after seeing that show. There are no comparisons.
    Compliments for finally ending the perennial Wall tour but it appears he believes he's a lot more relevant than he actually is. I really wish all those icons would stop trying to keep going-it's a little sad. The Who, the Stones, Judas Priest, the Scorpions: take a point from Grace Slick, who said old people shouldn't be on stage playing rock music, including herself. There's other stuff to do in your 70's besides holding on to 1978 until you die.
    And who are you point out what they should do or not? Isn't that up to them? I can't believe I've actually found someone complaining about him still going on with what he's done. I'm glad he's happy doing it, and glad that we finally get something worthy enough to link to the word "guitar news", and not all this jiberish about X artist's life, or even bloody politics. I know politics is important, but I don't expect to find politics matters unless it's really connected to music, which most of the time, it's not.
    Lawmans commin' down from the gallows and I don't have very longg, Owe! The jig is up the news is out they finally found mee, a renegade who had it made retrieved for a bounty.
    a drummer
    If they can still play it (some can't), and people still want to see them, then why not? Scorpions actually still sound good too.
    I like the idea of another Waters album, I just hope he doesn't do another tour. I went to The Wall tour and was really disappointed by how much time he spent sitting down.
    Seriously? The Wall (I'm assuming you mean the current one) is one of the greatest spectacles I've ever seen! Apart from the fact that he's got a better voice now that he's ever had with Floyd (IMO) and he's become a better showman, the sheer size and magnitude of the set is extraordinary! The focus is supposed to be on the music and - well - the Wall itself!
    Yes, music while sitting down is obviously nothing. Let Gilmour play comfortably numb sit down and the song suddenly turns shit. /sarcasm off