Rolling Stones Back Catalogue Remastered for iTunes

Service sets up Stones store.

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The entire the Rolling Stones catalog has been remastered for iTunes, Billboard reports (via NME).

As part of the group's 50th Anniversary event, a new section of the iTunes store has been set up that is dedicated exclusively to their music.

All of the band's studio albums from their self-titled debut to 2005's "A Bigger Bang" have been remastered for the online retailer. A full compliment of their live albums and singles releases are also available. The store will feature a number of other items including the Rolling Stones app, the Rolling Stones 50 ebook and multiple documentaries including last year's award winning "Crossfire Hurricane."

The news comes after Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood hinted that new material from the band was a possibility:

"We test ourselves in stages and this is the latest surge of energy. We've got the big wheels rolling now; weve just got to find the gaps to record."

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    Again? I'm all for re releasing as technology advances but this is like the 50th time. They should make it a free upgrade for those who have already bought it.
    I came here just to say the same. Again? I'm not that sure about remastering being a technology advance.