Royal Blood Announce Debut Album, Streaming New Single 'Figure It Out'

artist: Royal Blood date: 07/03/2014 category: upcoming releases

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Royal Blood Announce Debut Album, Streaming New Single 'Figure It Out'

Speaking backstage at Glastonbury with NME, Royal Blood has been discussing details of their upcoming album.

As frontman Mike Kerr notes, the record was not recorded in one go, but has been built up over the past year and a half:

"Our album has kind of built itself up over a year and a half. It almost feels like a collection of songs over that time. We didn't go and and write and record all in one. We did about three or four tracks at a time. We're really happy with it. It was totally worth all the hard work. We're just eager to get it out and show everyone."

When asked if there were any surprises on the album, Kerr and drummer Ben Thatcher offered a tongue-in-cheek hint regarding a special guest:

"There wouldn't be surprises if I told everyone, but there might be."

"Sting features on track three," added Thatcher to be backed up by Kerr, saying "We got Sting in."

The band has recently posted the debut single from the album, which will be titled "Royal Blood," on Soundcloud. "Figure It Out" can be streamed at the following location:

"Royal Blood" will be released on August 25th.

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