Running Wild New Album Details Revealed

artist: Running Wild date: 01/25/2012 category: new releases

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Running Wild New Album Details Revealed
According to, reunited German metal legends Running Wild will release their brand new album, "Shadowmaker", in Germany on April 20, in the rest of Europe on April 23 and in the U.S./Canada on April 24 via SPV/Steamhammer. The effort will be released as a limited first edition in a black jewel case with silver printing and slipcase plus a 40-minute bonus DVD with a "making-of" documentary and a track-by-track commentary by Running Wild mainman Rock 'N' Rolf. The double gatefold LP will come with printed innersleeves and clear vinyl. There also will be a boxset limited to 1,000 copies worldwide. It contains 2 LPs, the black jewel case with the DVD, a poster, a sticker, a postcard and a 30-page book in LP size about the history of the band. The cover of "Shadowmaker" is the most unusual in the history of the band, but when you listen to the title track and read the lyrics, you will understand the meaning of it. It was created by Rock 'N' Rolf and Jens Reinhold (Evergrey, Freedom Call, Virgin Steele), who will also handle artwork for all configurations. Black Jewel Case + DVD track listing: CD 01. Piece Of The Action (4:25) 02. Riding On The Tide (4:18) 03. I Am Who I Am (4:51) 04. Black Shadow (5:13) 05. Locomotive (4:35) 06. Me & The Boys (5:00) 07. Shadowmaker (4:25) 08. Sailing Fire (4:14) 09. Into The Black (4:57) 10. Dracula (7:29) DVD
  • Making of "Shadowmaker"
  • Track-by-track commentary by Rock 'N' Rolf Length: approximately 40 min LP track listing: LP 1 Side 1 01. Piece Of The Action (4:25) 02. Riding On The Tide (4:18) 03. I Am Who I Am (4:51) Side 2 01. Black Shadow (5:13) 02. Locomotive (4:35) 03. Me & The Boys (5:00) LP 2 Side 1 01. Shadowmaker (4:25) 02. Sailing Fire (4:14) 03. Into The Black (4:57) Side 2 01. Dracula (7:29) Box Set:
  • 2 LPs, clear vinyl
  • Black jewel case including DVD
  • Poster
  • Postcard
  • Sticker
  • 30 page book in LP size about the history of the band plus photos
  • 35 x 35 cm
  • Hard cardboard material with top
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