Rush Live DVD Due In May?

Rush are making plans to release a live DVD from their Clockwork Angels tour in May

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Rush are making plans to release a live DVD from their Clockwork Angels tour in May, reports ClassicRockMagazine.

The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductees filmed two shows in November for potential release. It's been speculated that footage shot in Dallas on November 28 will make up the majority of the feature, with scenes in Phoenix on November 25 recorded as backup.

Fan site notes: "We hadn't really expected the release until the fall, so this is welcome news. Although, as is typically the case, delays in the release date are likely so we may not actually see it until sometime during the summer."

Meanwhile, Guitar Center have released a brief interview video with Rush, made during their induction into the firm's Rockwalk in Hollywood.

In the clip below, drummer Neil Peart discusses the physical training required to prepare for their Clockwork Angels world tour.

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    Frank M
    Great news Rush! Love your music. I just hit 70 and still like the Rush Sound...
    Great news, I went to the Philly show of this tour and it was amazing!! You stay classy Rush
    Was there as well. Fantastic show! Will definitely pick up the DVD.
    Peart's 3 DVD set on drumming, backstage set-ups, etc., look very interesting. I'm not a drummer, but the tech stuff behind what he goes through seems intriguing.
    Live DVD's are always nice. I hope they don't overproduce it though which seems to be the trend for recent live recordings.
    I saw one of the shows in Chicago, and it was pretty great! First half of the show had some hits that weren't usually played (Analong Kid, The Pass) and the second half was the new album in its entirety! Really excited for this DVD!
    They've been releasing a live DVD almost every other tour now... but I'll probably still end up buying this because they all sound awesome.