Rush to Release Remastered Digital Collections

Two huge digital-only collections with albums from their entire career will be released in May at an awesome price.

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Rush will release two huge digital-only collections called "The Complete Mercury Years" and "The Studio Albums 1989-2007" exclusively on iTunes on May 14, according to

"The Complete Mercury Years" will catalog their early albums on Mercury Records, including "2112" and up to "A Show of Hands" from 1989, for $79.99.

The second compilation "Rush: The Studio Albums 1989-2007" will include every remaining album up to 2007's "Snakes & Arrows" for $49.99.

Both collections have been remastered for iTunes. It is not clear whether this means they have been formally remastered and may sound different, or if the original masters have simply been formatted as an HD quality music stream, ready for any iTunes streaming upgrades in the future.

It's not the only new Rush release expected in May. On the following day, the book "Rush: The Illustrated History" will be published and tells the story of their rise to international success starting in 1968.

Meanwhile, Rush were inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last week, where Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins were on hand to perform the intro to the album "2112" alongside the newly-inducted Rush.

These Rush collections could be the perfect time to buy their studio discography at a good price. Will you snap it up?

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    I would be all over this, except for the fact that I don't use iTunes. What bozo thought that was a good idea?
    Digital outsells physical nowadays. They'd be stupid not to. Also, CDs may be lossless but ABX testing proves most people don't hear a difference between a 256kbps "Mastered for iTunes" track over the CD version. Unless you're listening to the album through an amazing sound system, even those $100 headphones won't do that amazing lossless version of the track justice.
    They should release it as a big box full of CDs to show off to your friends too. I'm still going to get this as soon as it is out there!
    RUSH is GOD2112
    Hopefully they've beefed up Vapor Trails. There were supposed to be a lot of subtle textures that apparently got wiped out in the original mix...
    Face R1pper
    Its Itunes, don't expect the quality to be anywhere near as good as the original release.
    Vapor Trails is one of my favorite Rush albums, as far as the material on it. When I read this, I kind of hoped it might become half-way listenable....
    I was worried cause I still don't have all the CD's, if they did some Pink Floyd type shit I was gonna be pissed, FUCK DIGIPACKS
    Is this streaming-only? That would be bad. If yes, then I won't buy it. My internet connection has been crap, as of late. I guess I just have to #Dealwithit
    Its possible these are ALACs or something better even Steve Jobs was wanting to take Itunes into a high fidelity format before he died. I agree rips from a CD do sound poor as the can only be a maximum 320kbs CDs are dying vinyl is a nice commodity but no one can expect the entire market to buy into them but I strongly believe arts for some people are more cherished in a physical format. I want my son to inherit my music collection not my playlists from spotify. Does anyone else miss going round to a friends house with a new album to sit back and listen or inviting friends over to chill out. I have many fond memories attached to first day releases or listening to an unknown album bought based on the cover etc. Last album I got digitally was by Fat Goth good nasty tunes but I couldn't tell you what I did that day...
    Seriously? Fuck digital. It sucks! And their albums have already been remastered and sound great, except for Vapor Trails. That 'Mastered for iTunes' has already been exposed as a scam, too.