Sabbath Finish New Album

Geezer announces completion of "13".

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Black Sabbath have completed recording sessions for their new studio album. Bassist Geezer Butler has told US radio show host Eddie Trunk that "13" is being mixed this month, and has also stated that at this year's NAMM music convention that they're scheduling to have the album released in June.

The announcement comes after Geezer revealed that the record is the band's first sober album, and stated that the album will have the feel of the first 3 records:

"None of us have been drinking or doing drugs or anything. It's a bit more professional in that way. We stuck to a schedule: every day we'd go in at one o'clock and finished at six. Five hours a day and that's it."

"It's got the feel of the first three albums, back to the basic rawness. The lyrics are about life, death, doom and everything else. You get Prozac with each album..."

The album, produced by Rick Rubin, will feature original Sabbath members Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi and Geezer, alongside Rage Against The Machine drummer Brad Wilk.

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    This day can't be but good. I go on UG's newspage, and I see Black Sabbath, Megadeth and Slayer are all about to release new material. This is gonna be very interesting.
    It would have been even better if they mentioned what James Hetfield recently said of his recording sessions of the their 2013 album. Man, today has been awesome new still
    Exactly what I was thinking actually. I love all of these bands! I'm perhaps more excited about 2013 than I have been about any year in a long time thanks to this happening,
    Great to hear, I've really got my hopes up for the result. For Brad's part, I'm sure he can put out some heavy beats for the songs, I just hope that his fills can stand up to the quality of Bill's work on their old albums. Still, if this one indeed can match their first three albums, that's fantastic.
    I was a bit skeptical when I heard that Brad would be doing the drums, seemed like an odd choice for me. But the more I think about it, the better it sounds. Bill had a pretty "jazzy" sound, even funky at times, and who's a better choice than Brad Wilk for that? I'm confident Brad's drumming will blow people away.
    I will be standing there waiting for them to come put it on the shelves.
    i have been thinking of freezing myself. I'll have a friend defrost me when their album comes out.
    You have somewhere locally that still puts music on shelves? Consider yourself lucky, my friend.
    Cliff Burton <3
    would be great to hear Geezer bass again(also new riffs from Ironman hang in there man **** cancer)
    I'm as excited as everybody else. But.. a SOBER album is rarely a good thing. But let's see. I normally have the rule of hoping for much and expecting nothing.. but it's ****ing Sabbath, i'm on the edge of my seat, foaming at the mouth.
    Am I the only person that thinks it's a little strange that Brad Wilk and Bill Ward's initials are the same? Anyway, I honestly can't wait for the new album!
    As sad as it is that Bill Ward is out, Brad Wilk is awesome. Thank you Rick Rubin.
    Do Re Mi
    I'm very excited to hear it. Sabbath was the first band I started listening to when I was younger and my brother and I would always jam to their stuff. I'll definitely miss Bill because he taught me how to drum, but I'm sure it will sound something awesome.
    Haha, I just go to the Sabbath website, Bill Ward isn't on any of the photos on the main page !
    Old news, dude. He asked the band to take him out of the photos to get rid of any false hope.
    Gotta say, I am glad it's Wilk and not Ward. I've seen Sabbath 4 times. Twice with Mike Bordin, once with Bill Ward, and recently at Lolla with Clufetos (spelling?). The show with Ward was lacking compared to the other two drummers... I'm not sure Bill was keeping up his chops as there were a bunch of let down moments that should've been asskicking. Wilk will add some swinging heaviness, and really, he's very similar to Ward anyway.
    Excellent. Honestly can't wait, interested to see how Mr Wilk's drumming will be like Bill's. I know he has some chops up his sleeve.
    I will sitting here, waiting for the torrent.
    you have mine completely support
    Would you like and cup of T
    Ozzy's voice is shot. I love Sabbath, but I can't stand listening to Ozzy's doctored up voice. Too bad they didn't do this when he could still sing metal like no other front man.
    Now if we can just get Tool on board then this year will truly be epic for Rock and Metal! \m/
    Everyone wait. The working title is "13" and it is going to be released in June. My birthday is June 13th. IT'S A SIGN!
    this year is gonna be f**kin awesome - Black Sabbath, Megadeth...what about Led Zeppelin reunion? I know it is only a dream but you know...sweet dreams
    "Geezer revealed that the record is the band's first sober album" Well, there goes all my excitement for it.
    I'm just hoping they can get it out on the road.Along with dropping some of the "mainstays" in the set list. So much great material that's never been done live.
    Second Rate
    sorry to rain on the parade here, but i think the inclusion of Brad Wilk and Ozzy Osbourne will make this album a disaster. Ozzy's voice, unfortunately, is completely shot. Brad Wilk..... well... metronome clicks have more variety than his playing.
    Last pre 80's rock bands left I can think of should of made headines longevity is success ..... 1.Rolling Stones 2.Black Sabbath (Ozzy) 3.Aerosmith 4.Kiss