Sammy Hagar Says 'Chickenfoot III' Is Best Record He's Ever Made

Sammy Hagar says his band's upcoming second album, "Chickenfoot III", is best record he's ever made.

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Sammy Hagar's been hyping his band's upcoming second album, "Chickenfoot III", for so long now that we'll soon see if he's been walking the walk as much as he's been talking the talk.

The first single, "Big Foot", arrives August 2 and the band has recently issued a teaser clip of the new track.

"It's the best record I've ever made", Hagar tells Rolling Stone, a very bold statement from a guy whose career includes the debut Montrose release and four Van Halen albums.

"Chickenfoot III" represents are some of Hagar and guitarist Joe Satriani's favorite hooks yet. "It's a lot more musical than the last record the hooks and the songs are better", says Hagar. Satriani adds, "We created a record that was deeper and better than the first one... it makes a musician very happy when they can see that they are involved with something that's very moving forward and life-changing."

The band may tour in November, although it will have to find another drummer Chad Smith is busy with the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

"That's the biggest disappointment about the whole thing", says Hagar, adding the band has auditioned several drummers and have an audition with Kenny Aronoff (John Mellencamp, John Fogerty, Smashing Pumpkins).

"He's going to spend a couple days with us and we're just going to jam and see if he fits. It's got to be the chemistry. Kenny can play that's for sure and we all like him. He's kind of like Chad he's kind of crazy and he hits so f--king hard that he beats his drum set to the ground that after every show he needs a new drum set."

The fall is also looking to be a busy time for Hagar's former band, Van Halen they're playing five Australian dates in September and early October and have reportedly been recording an album with David Lee Roth. "It better be great, because they waited a long time", Hagar says. "And Chickenfoot raised the bar."

We'll see... and hear more when "Chickenfoot III" hits stores September 27; no confirmed release date has been announced for the new VH, but clearly the battle's on for one Sammy Hagar.

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    Raised the bar? I personally don't think so. I'm looking more forward to the new Van Halen. I saw Chickenfoot live in August of 2009, and it was a great performance. Not something I would want to listen to all the time though. I didn't buy the first album and i don't plan on buying this one, I will listen to a few of the songs though.
    iSlash wrote: I didn't even know there was a Chickenfoot 2...
    iSlash wrote: I didn't even know there was a Chickenfoot 2...
    there wasn't they are just screwing with us all
    Sorry, Sammy, but that's not saying much to say that it's your best album. The Montrose album was pretty decent, and there have been a few good solo Hagar songs, but all of the Van Hagar albums sucked. Also, again; sorry, Sammy, but Chickenfoot didn't raise the bar on anything. I've yet to give the first album a proper listen, just because I couldn't stay with any one song long enough to finish it. There was nothing there. It was boring and just not good.
    ...I would like to add that I am much more looking forward to the new Van Halen than the new Chickenfoot. Sorry, Sammy.
    The first album is actually quite good, it's a very straight up "rock" album with good riffs representing what rock was back in the 80's, hard and ballsy. I like Big Foot, but not so sure that it represents a "raised bar".
    Bands say this with every album Also too. I wonder if their next one will be names Chickenfoot V?
    Salvo416 wrote: Bands say this with every album Also too. I wonder if their next one will be names Chickenfoot V?
    This represents everything I was thinking xD Especially the Chicken V idea I have to admit though, the first album was absolutely brilliant imo. Have to buy the second one, even if it's title is misleading lol