Scorpions to Celebrate 50th Anniversary in 2015 With New Studio Album, Tour

More information will be made available soon.

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German hard rock veterans Scorpions will celebrate their 50th anniversary in 2015 with a special tour and new studio album, according to Blabbermouth. More information will be made available soon.

Asked in a December 2013 interview about the Scorpions' plans to release an album with some material that was written around the time of "Blackout" and "Love at First Sting," the band's lead guitarist, Matthias Jabs, said: "Yes, we started already. We have 12 songs. We found songs mainly from the early Eighties 'Blackout' and 'Love at First Sting' days, when many people consider our most creative and best time. The leftover tracks sound good, but they were never finished. They don't have lyrics or vocals, and they're not recorded to a click. So we have to do everything new. But it sounds quite good so far."

Added guitarist Rudolf Schenker, who launched the band in 1965: "Two of the new songs on [Scorpions' latest release] 'MTV Unplugged', 'Dancing With the Moonlight' and 'Rock & Roll Band,' we had saved for bonus tracks. So we have those two songs, which are great, and we'll put them out as an electric version. I think we have a total of 15 songs from the Seventies and Eighties that we want to release. I think in 2014 we'll finish the places we haven't played yet on tour, and then get back to the record after that."

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    50th? Holy god. That is nuts. Well that's cool. I've never been huge into the Scorpions, but they're really influential on a lot of the artists I like, so that counts for something in my book. More power to 'em.
    Wow! 50 years. A great band and definitely masters of the power ballad.
    Agent 00Awesome
    I hate to be that guy but when you announce a farewell tour then a few years later announce a new album and another tour, it just kind of seems like that farewell tour was a just money grabbing publicity stunt.
    Coulda swore they said they were retiring after that last farewell tour... Don't forget the bengay and Viagra gentlemen!
    Saw them last year in milwaukee, one of my top 5 best shows ever. Klaus can still sing much better then a lot of other lead singers after all these years.
    I think its great that the songs are from that era. For me the best scorpions years are from "taken by force" in 77 , up to "love at first sting" in 84