Scott Ian Talks New Anthrax Album: 'It Has a Lot of Thrash Elements, Definitely a Metal Record'

Jonathan Donais still not taking part in the writing process, the guitarist adds.

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Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian had a few tasty tidbits to share regarding the band's upcoming studio record, confirming a thrashy approach and a definite metal record. After telling Loudwire that he sees no point in comparing either two Anthrax efforts, Ian further explained: "It's the Anthrax we've been writing in 2013 and to me it doesn't sound like anything else we've ever done. It's certainly still a metal record, it definitely has a lot of thrash elements in it, because it's fun for us to play that way. So, it's not like we've taken a complete departure and we're making a prog record. It's definitely a metal record." Asked to comment about new guitarist Jonathan Donais' involvement in the writing process, Scott noted that Jon still hasn't reached the songwriting plateau in Anthrax. "No, not as of yet anyway," he said. "That’s not to say it couldn't happen. He's certainly writing his own leads, I've already sent him new music. So he's working on the lead licks at this point. As far as the actual writing of the songs, no, that's been me, Charlie and Franky so far." Further discussing the new record, Ian described the new tunes as more challenging and difficult to play than the rest of Anthrax repertoire. "The songs are harder to play. [Laughs]," he jokingly kicked off. "There's a lot of songs that are just much harder to play than stuff from the past, let's just put it that way. A lot of difficult riffs that sometimes I wonder why we do this to ourselves. [Laughs] "We write stuff that we really need to bear down and say, 'God damn, that'll be a bitch to play live,'" the guitarist continued. "But that's always part of the challenge - challenging yourself as a writer and coming up with riffs that sound interesting and fresh. I don't ever want to slow down as a guitar player or feel like I can only do so much. I guess if I'm not challenging myself, I'm doing something wrong." Back in late October, Ian confirmed seven new songs ready to go. As the latest Anthrax studio effort, "Worship Music" saw its release in September 2011 via Megaforce Records.

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    The headline should read "Scott Ian states obvious about new Anthrax album".
    Anthrax making metal record?? What a twist.
    Breaking new grounds in 2014! In all seriousness though, stoked for a new Anthrax album!
    And, in even more shocking news, Anthrax will be playing THRASH METAL! I never saw that coming. Way to set yourself apart from the rest of the pack Scott.
    I'm looking forward to when he says "It's an album, I helped write it, it has songs on it, it's metal, and we plan to release it at some point in the future, but first, we have to finish it."
    Fuck yeah, hope it's as good as Worship Music. To me Worship Music is the comeback album of the century!
    Tomorrow the headline will be something about avenged sevenfold saying that they are trying to be the next Metallica or Iron maiden, it will likely feature a rehash of excerpts from the same interview UG pulled "avenged sevenfold news" from all last year.
    I wasn't saying that in a bad way...but Ian confirmed the new album was being worked on three or four times last year and let's be honest there wasn't much new information each time he did that.