Scott Stapp To Release Autobiography

The book will deal with Stapp's musical career and his success as lead singer of Creed, but also with darker subjects.

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Creed frontman Scott Stapp is planning to release an autobiography. The book will be called Sinner's Creed and is scheduled for an October 2 release.

It will deal with Stapp's musical career and his success as lead singer of Creed, but also with darker subjects, such as his battle with alcoholism, and depression. The book is co-written with David Ritz, who has worked on biographies for Janet Jackson and Marvin Gaye.

Earlier in the year Stapp spoke about the book to, saying: "It's going to be constantly interrelated with the realities of God's grace and love and miracles, and how they happen in the weirdest ways and how they happen to all of us... It's definitely a cathartic process for me, and I really hope that those who read it can walk away knowing more about my life... but also the grace of God. If we can accomplish that, that would be a blessing."

Stapp reunited with Creed in 2009, and is currently on tour with the band. The tour, which is billed as 2 Nights Live, sees the band performing their first two albums, My Own Prison and Human Clay, in full.

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    Read that as Scott Weiland to begin with and went from excited to..."oh Scott Stapp...meh" and disappointed.
    I was never the biggest Creed fan, but I saw them last night. It was a lot better than I expected it to be. Stapp was sweating his ass off all night and still sounded great (so basically if you like Eddie Vedder's voice, then you like Stapp's).
    He may heal and they will still tour, but Creed is dead. Tremonti and Co have been more than gracious to Scott with this tour; they certainly don't need him.
    Personally, I love his voice. I hear so much emotion in it. I think his book will be good. He seems like a good guy that has made some mistakes in his life and is making up for it by helping with charities and releasing new music for the fans.
    Yes, he's a great guy (at least recently) and has a great voice. But, IMO he cashed in on Pearl Jam's fanbase by modeling his accent, range, and to some extent songwriting patterns after Pearl Jam's. This is the only thing that keeps me from being a big Creed fan. They have some catchy songs though wow, my avatar makes me look incredibly biased.
    Holy sh**. I am so excited for this book to come out. Whats a good way to convey sarcasm in a thread post?
    Anyone who knows the fundamentals of the vocal instrument would understand Vedder forges his voice to that tone. Stapp's voice is naturally that way (half Irish and half Native American, I guess). Scott Weiland is a great example. Listen to how he sounds on STP's Core record and listen to the more recent material. The dead horse of the Stapp/Vedder comparison has decayed for a while now. Think of something original, people.