Sean Lennon Talks 'Liberating' Noise-Rock Duo

Mystical Weapons to release debut album on Tuesday.

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As the musician son of one of the most famous popular musicians of all time, Sean Lennon has always been in a difficult position, with his musical output inevitably being compared to that of his father.

With new band Mystical Weapons though, Sean has found a sound that steers pretty far away from "Imagine" (but maybe not so much from "Revolution #9").

The band, comprising Lennon and Deerhoof drummer Greg Saunier, came together after an impromptu jam at a Plastic Ono Band concert, as Rolling Stone reports:

"We really spazzed out and had a lot of fun," Lennon says, reflecting on the duo's initial energy-draining, impromptu live guitar-and-drums freakout. "It's rare that you find somebody that you can improvise with that you feel like it's actually getting somewhere all the time. I've heard about that happening with other people, but it hadn't happened to me in quite the way [it did with Greg]."

The two went into the studio early last year, laying down experimental takes and cranking out four to five songs a day: "I've sort of burdened myself [in the past] with this idea of trying to write songs," he explains. "So it was really nice to just break through the confines of my own limitations of whatever composition. It's incredibly liberating."

As Lennon notes, the project veered into some pretty far-out territory: "We would turn on the gear and just start wailing," he recalls. "We wouldn't have been able to do that much music that quickly if we had sat and thought, 'Oh, I think we are going to do an homage to the B-side of this Gandalf album.' We weren't really thinking at all."

"Whispers The Blue Tongue", from Mystical Weapons' debut album, can be heard at the following location:

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    Noise-rock from Sean Lennon? Great! By the way, interesting track.
    I like it. I guess we can say musically Julian took after John and Sean took after Yoko.
    Nice jam, now they just have to craft their sound into succinct songs and I'll be a fan.
    Yay! Interesting music! Not that it's a competition, but I prefer this over Julian's work. It's more of my style
    That was worse than coming home and finding Hulk Hogan ****ing your wife with a zucchini. That was worse than a Cincinnati hooker. That was even worse than Metallica. Holy Jesus-titty-****ing-Christ that was atrocious.
    Do Re Mi
    It's more jam-band, funk than noise rock. Not the worst thing I ever heard, although I don't tend to like jam bands. But it's certainly not Lightning Bolt or anything.
    Listen to the whole album dude.. its something in between Noise rock, Miles Davis and psychedelic