Sebastian Bach Details New Album 'Give 'Em Hell,' Streaming 'Temptation' Track

Record coming on April 22, full details inside.

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Sebastian Bach recently unveiled full details of his upcoming new album "Give 'Em Hell," confirming April 22 release via Frontiers Records.

Produced by Bob Marlette (Black Sabbath, Rob Zombie, Shinedown) and mastered by Tom Baker, the "Kicking & Screaming" follow-up features 12 new tracks, including the recently premiered "Temptation" tune. Unveiled on "Mohr Stories" podcast, the song is available for streaming below.

"The CD Tom gave me today is exactly what I want you all to hear when you press 'Play' on the new record," Bach noted (via Blabbermouth) "Tom has taken Bob Marlette's incredible mixes and retained all of the warmth and added sonic sparkle and excellence that I just cannot believe it when I listen to it.

"I truly feel like the luckiest man on earth right now," the vocalist added. "I truly love the CD and I just cannot wait for you all to crank the hell right out of it! It has been delivered to the presses and they are making one especially for you right at this very second!"

The list of special guests featured on the record includes Duff McKagan, John 5 and Steve Stevens. Check out the "Give 'Em Hell" front cover below.

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    It's.. just alright, really. I'm not sure what else to make of it. Not terrible, but nothing about the song really stands out. I was expecting powerful stuff. Nice album cover, though.
    More lazy, generic radio rock. What happened to the bad ass HEAVY METAL of Angel Down? Bach working with the wrong people.
    Mastered by Tom Baker? I hope it comes with a free scarf and a Jelly Baby.
    Agreed! Angel Down's title track and the Bach redo of American Metalhead were tunes that really deserved to be cranked up!! I'm not so sure about this new song. Hopefully, it's just a poor attempt at getting on the radio, and that the rest of the album will be in a much heavier vein.
    The page glitched the first time I clicked, and all I saw was a half naked Sebastian Bach taking up the entirety of my screen -.-
    WTF is with that album cover? Why is his left hand holding an aliens face? And who is the guy with the beard in the top left of the picture? This wins my vote for worst cover art ever! I have a photoshop of the cover but the captcha system doesn't work so I can't post a link.
    So people are already starting yo assume that this is going yo be a not so good album based off of one track.... Wow. Some judge way to quickly.
    Same thing happened with Van Halen's new album. Turned out to be above my own standards except for the one garbage single.